How To Get An IP In a Specific City

Accessing residential IP network is the only way to get an IP in a specific city. Here is how to get city IP.
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GIF of Bright Data IP Geographic Locations rotating London, New York, Paris, Tokyo

Why should I care?

Example: If you are responsible for testing Yelp’s city level service – you need to check the site from 10,000 different cities around the world.

How to get an IP in a specific city?

If you only use a traditional data center proxy solution for your information collecting tasks, you are limited to where these datacenters are located. Large residential networks can get you IPs in any specific city in the world.

Guidelines for getting an IP in a specific city:

  1. Sign up for Bright Data
  2. Contact Bright Data’s support team and ask for access to the residential IP network.
  3. Enable the ‘city’ feature on your dashboard.
    Once activated, install the Proxy Manager from GitHub.
    We recommend you watch this guide for a smooth start.
  4. Browse through the specific port to one of the “what is my IP” sites to check your IP.

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