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Sales & Market Share
Catalog Performance Tracker
Rates and volume
$400/month per product type (level 4 product category)
$750/month per eCommerce channel (website)
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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Pricing FAQ

Product type is a sub category in an eCommerce website that includes products of the same nature for easily benchmarking prices, attributes, sales volume and more. In many eCommerce websites it will be 4th level (L4) subcategory.
For example in Amazon: Home & Kitchen (L1) > Furniture (L2) > Bedroom Furniture (L3) > Nightstands (L4)
Customer may request several product types (L4 categories) from one L3 sub-category or from different ones in the same L1 (top) product category

Bright Insight supports many retail sites and marketplaces, including Amazon (US and regional websites), Target, Walmart, Overstock, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Wayfair. We add additional websites regularly, so contact us to get the most updated coverage

Volume based discounts are applicable, contact us to get a quote.

One time analysis is available for supported websites and product categories, starting from $5,000 according to scope and requested analysis.

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