Web Unlocker

Automated website unlocking tool with 100% success rates

Pricing FAQ

Web Unlocker is best for use cases that involve web scraping. Instead of manually dealing with CAPCHAs, blocks, and other restrictions, Web Unlocker does the unlocking for you, and does so at an extremely high success rate (typically 100%). All you need to do is send one request, and the Unlocker takes care of the rest including adapting to constantly changing site blocks. 

Web Unlocker uses Bright Data’s proxy infrastructure and has three major components that other premium proxies lack:

  1. Request management: Web Unlocker uses retry logic and CAPTCHA-resolving to ensure a near 100% success rate. 
  2. Complete user emulation including:
    • Network-level – IP type, IP rotation, TLS handshake
    • Protocol-level – HTTP headers manipulation, User-agents generation, and HTTP2 support
    • Browser-level – Cookie management and browser fingerprint emulation (for example, fonts, audio, canvas/WebGL fingerprints, etc
    • OS-level – Emulating device enumeration, screen resolution, memory, CPU, etc
  3. Content verification: The data you collect is automatically validated using parameters such as request timing, data types, and response content to ensure you are collecting the highest quality information available.

Yes! Simply select the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ plan at signup. Please note that the CPM is higher in the ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ plan and you can switch plans at any stage.

CPM means cost per mil.

1 Request = 1 API execution for target URL (you pay only for successful requests)

1000 requests  = 1 CPM

1 CPM = $3 (with the Pay-As-You-Go plan)

For example: If you have 100,000 page loads, divided by 1000, the CPM will be 100.

100 CPM x $3 = $300 total cost.

With Web Unlocker there is no KYC process. You can start sending requests immediately after completing the signup process.

We support PayPal, Payoneer, Alipay, Google Pay, wire transfers, and credit cards.

Bright Data’s billing cycle starts on the 1st of each month. This means that you will be billed for your monthly account commitment automatically on the 1st of every month as long as your account status is active.

Bright Data maintains high compliance standards based on the principles of deterrence and prevention of malicious activities through enforcement, ensuring the ethical use of our network and its safety.

To authorize payments we perform a one-time per-authorization charge. This authorization allows us to make sure a valid card is being used, and that the customer has sufficient funds in their account to make a purchase. Once authorization is complete, we reward the customer with extra credits that can be used towards any proxy zone.

If you join Bright Data in the middle of the month, your first minimum account commitment payment will be charged on the day you join and usage will retroactively apply only to the days in which your account was active during the month.

For example: If you start the SERP API Starter plan on June 25th, your plan has a $500 minimum monthly commitment and you make your first payment of $500.

What will happen on July 1st?

Our system will see that your account was active for only 6 days during June which accounts for 20% of the month, so the relative part of the minimum monthly commitment will be $100. Unless the cost of your usage was higher than that, $100 will be your cost for June.

We will send you an invoice and take $100 from your balance against June’s cost, leaving your balance with $400.

Since on the 1st of every month your balance needs to comply with your minimum monthly commitment, we will now charge your credit card for $100 in order to top it back to $500 to comply with your minimum monthly commitment for July.

If your account remains in “active” status for the entire month, your monthly commitment will not roll over to the next month, regardless of whether your usage charges fell below the minimum commitment.

While in ‘active’ status, your usage and billing calculations start over fresh on the first day of each month according to your price plan and monthly commitment.

Automatic recharging can be done in one of two ways.

  1. Auto-recharge at a pre-set amount: When you choose this option, you will manually set a configured amount that is charged when your balance runs low (at 25% of the configured amount). For example, if you choose $100, you will be charged $100, and then you will get charged $100 again when your balance hits $25.
  2. Monthly charge: If you do not use automatic recharge or decide to turn it off, you will be charged on the 1st of each month for your new monthly commitment. If you don’t have a plan with a minimum monthly commitment and you are using the pay-as-you-go plan, your account will not be automatically recharged.

Yes. Invoices are sent between the 1st and 3rd of the month. The invoice will provide details of your previous month’s usage. It will break down how your usage relates to your minimum account commitment (and if applicable, any additional funds that were added during the course of the month).

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