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Pricing FAQ

All of the prices posted on our website are the US Dollar prices

Bright Data maintains high compliance standards based on the principles of deterrence, prevention, and enforcement of malicious activities to ensure that our network is both safe for customers and ethical.
It is for this reason that we are requesting that you identify yourself using your preferred payment method. We will charge you $1 and reward you with an additional $5 bonus ($6 in total) for your help and cooperation.

All billing calculations are made according to our dashboard timezone which is UTC+0. How this can effect your billing? You have the option to enable and disable your Zones. The time of enabling/disabling will be in UTC time therefore the daily charges will be applied accordingly.

A minimum monthly commitment – Each plan requires you to commit to paying a minimum amount at the beginning of every month while your account is in “active” status. This minimum commitment will set the limits for your basic usage: once your usage goes over your minimum commitment amount, you will need to add additional funds to keep using our service.

No. If you choose to suspend your account, the IPs currently allocated to you will not be saved.

Yes! you can use Bright Data data center, static residential, residential, and mobile networks without monthly commitment.
Simply click the pencil next to the zone name and adjust the plan to ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Please note, in case the ip type is pay per ip/exclusive type or gips, you will be charged for the ips allocated to the zone

You can easily disable any of your active zones if you want to stop using it for a while. Our billing system will not charge for days when your zones are disabled but rather only charge for the relative time they were active and for monthly precommit if applicable. You can activate them back at any given moment from your control panel.
NOTE: If zone or a zone feature (e.g: city or country) was enabled and disabled on the same day, the charge calculation for the day will be as if it was enabled calculated on the highest feature price.

  • Disabling all zones will also stop the pre-commit charges. However, as long as you have at least one active zone pre-commit plan will be applied and charged for.
  • Disabling Data center zones or residential zones with dedicated IPs will release all IPs to the pool

Refreshing data-center IPs will have a different cost depending on the type of IP.


  • Refreshing dedicated data-center IPs: $0.5/refresh/IP
  • Refreshing dedicated domain data-center IPs: $0.04/refresh/IP
  • Refreshing shared data-center IPs: $0.02/refresh/IP

Bright Data’s billing cycle starts on the 1st of eachmonth. This means that you will be billed for your monthly account commitment automaticlly at the 1st of every month as long as your account status is active.

When customers only use data-center IPs, we calculate their cost on a daily basis. We subtract this daily cost from the current balance in your account, showing the remaining balance available for use. Costs are calculated according to the IP types used (shared vs. dedicated), as well as bandwidth/GB used. We also calculate any additional costs for added features (like exclusive time or dedicated domain/host).
You will be billed for the costs described above on the 1st of every month. The balance remaining in your account will reflect the amount available for future use.

If you join Bright Data in the middle of the month, your first minimum account commitment payment will be charged on the day you join and usage will retroactively apply only to the days in which your account was active during the month.
Example: You join the Bright Data Residential Network on the June 25th, your price plan has a $500 minimum monthly commitment and you make your first payment of $500.
What will happen on July 1st?

  • Our system will see your account was active for only 6 days during June which are 20% of the month, so the relative part of the minimum monthly commitment will be $100. Unless the cost of your usage was higher than that, $100 will be your cost for June.
  • We will send you an invoice and take $100 from your balance against June cost, leaving your balance with $400.
  • Since on the 1st of every month your balance needs to comply with your minimum monthly commitment, we will now charge your credit card for $100 in order to top it back to $500 to comply with your minimum monthly commitment for July.

Yes, our data-center and static residential plans covers unlimited data volume.

When you have used 85% of your account balance during a given month, you will receive an email requesting that you add funds to your account. If you do not add funds to your account, your account will continue to operate until you have used 100% of your account balance. Once you have reached usage amounting to 100% of your account balance, your account will be suspended unless additional funds are added. We recommend to turn on the “auto recharge” to keep your account active and working.

If your account remains in “active” status for the entire month, your monthly commitment will not roll over to the next month, regardless of whether your usage charges fell below the minimum commitment.
While in ‘active’ status, your usage and billing calculations start over fresh on the first day of each month according to your price plan and monthly commitment.

Yes. In the Zone page under the “Usage spent limit” column it is possible to limit your daily usage in 2 ways:

  • Bandwidth(bytes)
  • Money spent(Dollars)

Once you reach your daily usage the Zone will automatically be suspended.

Note the Zone limit is calculated every 15 minutes and will not take effect immediately so a Zone might go over it’s limit by 15 minutes of usage.

NOTE: When the load is high statistics calculation may have a delay. In order to manually update the usage-statistics in your Zone, open the Zone by clicking on its name, go to the Statistics table, and press the [recalc] button near the desired date. Wait until the red “Loading…” notification at the top of the screen will disappear, and refresh the page. The stats will then be up-to-date.

If you have remaining funds in your balance during a month in which you were inactive, you will not lose your balance, but will be charged to bring that balance up to the minimum monthly commitment on the 1st day of the next month.

To ensure that your account is never suspended, we highly recommend that you use our automatic recharging option. It can be activated in the “billing” section of your account and ensures uninterrupted service. Auto recharge starts to work when your available balance drops below 85% of the total account balance. The amount set is entirely up to you and can be of any denomination.

No, all countries are charged the same rate per GB.

We have an automated billing system that supports payments that were carried out through PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer or credit card.

Go to the billing page click on “Add Payment Method” button and select “PayPal” as your payment method. Now you can click the “Add Balance” button, and you will be redirected automatically to PayPal.

Go to the billing page and click on “Add Payment Method” and select credit card as your payment method. Now you can click the “Add Balance” button and make a payment with your credit card.

The bandwidth is calculated according to the sum of data transmitted to and from the target site: request headers+request data (POST)+response headers+response data.
Note that traffic used during your trial will be listed on your dashboard but will not be counted towards your bill.

Yes, we send a prepayment billing request to your email which can be completed from the billing page.

Yes. On the 1st of the month, you will receive an invoice. The invoice will provide details of your previous month’s usage. It will breakdown how your usage related to your minimum account commitment (and if applicable, any additional funds that were added during the course of the month).

During time periods where you are not using our service, you can turn off your residential Zones. Billing for residential services will only apply for the relative part of the month when the service was active.

You can open up to 50 Zones in your Bright Data account, free of charge. Each extra Zone will cost $1/month

An account is blocked due to billing issues for one of the following reasons:

  • A discrepancy between payment method and personal details
  • The user has logged in from a country that differs from where the credit card is from
  • Too many attempts to process a declined payment
  • Failure to authenticate a credit card payment using 3D secure

If your account was blocked, you will immediately receive an email explaining how to resolve the issue. Contact your dedicated account manager or Bright Data’s compliance team at [email protected]. To reinstate your blocked account, you will need to provide the following:

  • For non-registered companies:
    • Photo ID, driver’s license, or passport
    • A photo of you holding the ID
    • A photo of the flagged payment method
  • For registered companies:
    • A company registration form
    • A photo of the flagged payment method

Users choose between 2 types of payment schedules:

  • Auto-recharge at a pre-set amount: When you choose this option, you will manually set a configured amount that is charged when your balance runs low (at 25% the configured amount). For example, if you choose $100, you will be charged $100, and then you will get charged $100 again when your balance hits $25.
  • Monthly charge: If you do not use automatic recharge or decide to turn it off, you will be charged on the 1st of each month for your new month monthly commitment. If you don’t have a plan with minimun monthly commitment and you are using the Pay as you go plan, your account will not be automatically recharged.