Multilogin Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Learn how to setup your Multilogin proxy settings and integrate with Bright Data’s Proxy IPs

Multilogin allows for the creation of virtual browsing profiles, so you can manage multiple online accounts using physical device simulations. Some of the use cases of Multilogin include: ads, affiliates, ticketing, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and more.

To avoid getting blocked, you can integrate our proxies with Multilogin. For simple websites and tasks you can use the datacenter proxies, and for more complicated ones, you can give a try to real residential IPs, that have a much higher success rate and are harder to detect and block.

  • Go to Bright Data Dashboard
  • Click on create a Zone
  • Choose your Network Type
  • Click Save
  • Within Multilogin click New browser profile
  • Click on Edit proxy settings
  • Connection Type: choose Bright Data
  • Choose your protocol under Proxy Type
  • IP or Host:
  • Port: 22225
  • Username: Your Bright Data account ID and proxy Zone name
    • Example: lum-customer-CUSTOMER-zone-YOURZONE_STATIC
  • Password: Your Zone password (found in the Zone settings)
  • Click Check proxy

For integration with Multilogin and the Bright Data Proxy Manager

  • Create a Zone with the network, IP type, and number of IPs you wish to use
  • Download and install the Proxy Manager
  • Click on Add new proxy and choose the Zone and settings you require
  • Click save
  • Within Multilogin click New browser profile
  • Click on Edit proxy settings
  • Under Connection Type choose Bright Data
  • Choose your protocol under Proxy Type
  • IP or Host: if the Proxy Manager is installed locally or on the IP of the remote server the Proxy manager is installed on or
  • Port: the port you created in the Bright Data Proxy Manager 24XXX
  • Leave the username and password field empty, as the Bright Data Proxy Manager has already been authenticated
  • Click on Check proxy

Super proxy nuances

If you would like to use Bright Data Super Proxy, you must use the session prefix in order to avoid mismatches in browser profile and IP location data. It is recommended to do this in the following way, with the rand prefix:


The 39484 value is used just as an example. It is recommended to set different rand prefix values for each browser profile. You can set a random number for the rand prefix. Please note that glob_ prefix is not working correctly with Multilogin.