Residential Proxy Network

Fast Residential Proxies

Avoid restrictions and blocks with the fastest residential proxy network in the industry

  • Target any country, city, zip code, carrier & ASN
  • 99.99% uptime - extremely stable
  • 72+ million ethically-sourced residential IPs 
Residential proxies
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99.9% success rate
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Unlimited concurrent requests
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Highest quality of service & best scalability

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G2 Industry Leader 2023

Awarded for leading the data extraction industry in customer satisfaction, quality of support, and market presence

Best Data Collection Tools 2022

Awarded for our market-leading tools to collect any public web data

Best Proxy Ecosystem 2021

Awarded for leading the industry in proxy innovation & the best overall customer experience

Why customers choose Bright Data for
residential proxies

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Largest Global Proxy IPs Networks

The world’s most popular proxy network platform is built of over 72+ million IPs from 195 countries with 99.99% network uptime.

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Best Proxy Infrastructure for Scalability

Unlimited scale and customizing possibilities from any city or country in the world

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Most Stable IPs Proxy Networks

Bright Data has the highest success rates of any global IPs provider

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Best Performing Geo Proxy

99.9% - Bright Data has the highest success rates of any IPs provider

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Top Proxy IP Speeds

99.99% Network Uptime, plus a real-time network status monitor

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Next-gen Proprietary Technology

The industry standard in 24/7 support

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Unparalleled Proxy Innovation

Speed up your project with a free Proxies Manager

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GDPR and CCPA privacy compliant

Bright Data's privacy practices comply with data protection laws

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100% compliant residential proxies you can trust

To protect your reputation and ensure your data is reliable, your proxies must be sourced ethically and meet compliance standards.

Bright Data’s Residential Proxy Network is built of millions of real residential IPs, shared by real people who have voluntarily opted into our peer-sharing community. Bright Data is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights.

Why developers prefer Bright Data Residential Proxies

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Highest quality data
Enterprise-grade scaling
Largest GEO coverage
Best network uptime
Best network uptime
Fastest output
Fastest output

Best Performance

The highest success
rate in the industry
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Non-stop Innovation

New feature releases
every day
patent count 3300+

Most Reliable

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No-hassles integration for an easy start

  • Manage your Residential IPs from the Bright Data Control Panel or API
  • Documentation for developers
  • Supports third-party software integration
  • Create and manage sub-users
Easy to use Proxy Manager

Easy-to-use with the web’s most-popular Proxy Manager

  • Most popular user-friendly  proxy dashboard
  • Organize proxies with easy-to-use interface
  • No-hassle integration for first-timers
  • Define custom rules for optimized results
  • Built for developers. Powered for the enterprise

The best customer experience in the industry

  • You ask, we developNew feature releases
    every day
  • 24/7 global supportTo answer any questions
    right when you need it
  • Full transparencyReal-time network
    performance dashboard
  • Dedicated Account ManagersTo optimize your
  • Tailored solutionsTo meet your data
    collection goals

Flexible pricing, starting from $10.05/GB

Residential proxies
7 day free trial
  • Pay as you go and custom plans available
  • 24/7 billing live support
  • Save 32% with long-term pricing plans

Flexible pricing, starting from $10.13/GB

Residential proxies
7 day free trial
  • Pay as you go and custom plans available
  • 24/7 billing live support
  • Save 32% with long-term pricing plans

Residential proxies FAQ

Our Residential Proxy Network consists of 72 million+ real household IPs in every country and city across the world, which allow you to see and be seen as any real user would regardless of your geo-location.

Gain the ability to access and crawl sophisticated target websites that your business would not otherwise have access to because of location-based blockades. You’ll be able to crawl, view information and collect data using real user IPs–see how your ads appear to consumers around the world, or what prices are being displayed to customers in another location. Send an increased number of concurrent requests meaning your data collection efforts will almost never be slowed down by proxies or target sites.

Learn more about how residential proxies are used from our use case pages for AdTech, Website Testing, Travel, SEO, and more.

Sourcing a quality pool of Residential Proxies takes considerable time and effort. Bright Data sources residential IPs through app and software developers that use our SDK to have their users opt-in the proxy network. These users are rewarded in exchange for joining the network.

Bright Data has built a unique consumer IP model by which all involved parties are fairly compensated for their voluntary participation. App owners install a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) to their applications and receive monthly remuneration based on the number of users who opt-in. App users can voluntarily opt-in and are compensated through an ad-free user experience or enjoy an upgraded version of the app they are using for free. These consumers or ‘peers’ serve as the basis of our network and can opt-out at any time. This model has brought into existence an unrivaled, first of its kind, ethically sound, and compliant network of real consumers.
Static Residential Proxies or ISP Proxies are residential proxies that are hosted by servers located in Data Centers. Target sites identify these as real residential IPs. Because requests are routed through a Data Center, the journey is shorter meaning scraping jobs can be completed faster. However, ISP proxies can’t handle as many concurrent requests as residential proxies and may be identified and blocked by sites with complex architecture.

Yes. Bright Data’s Residential Proxy Network has IPs in 195 countries and nearly every city on the planet.

Residential Proxies can be integrated into many relevant software solutions such as AdsPower, Apify, Multilogin, and more. You can find the complete list of integrations here.

KYC or, know your customer, is the verification process required of all new residential proxy users. The process involves a short video call with someone on Bright Data’s compliance team who will ask basic questions about the customer and their use case. The team will review and reject any customer request to use Bright Data for an ‘unapproved’ use case.

The residential proxy network is also available for immediate use, without a verification call, for a growing list of 230+ websites. Learn more about immediate access here.

Find out why Bright Data remains the
undisputed leader in Residential Proxies

(hint: it’s our quality of service & compliance standards)