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No more maintaining scrapers or bypassing blocks – just reliable, accurate data from any public website.

  • No-code web scraping
  • Strict validation methods
  • API for on-demand data
  • 100% compliant scraping
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Any dataset. Every business need.


Access pre-built datasets from popular websites.


Generate custom datasets with our dataset creation platform.


Get 100% hands-free data collection operations and management.


Popular pre-built datasets

Chances are we’ve already built and maintained the data collection from popular websites. Ensure hassle-free data access by using ready-made scrapers.
  • Demo data in JSON/CSV
  • Fresh records
  • Customize, enrich, and format the data

Custom Datasets

Inmuebles24 Mexico Datasets

Zonaprop Argentina Datasets

Metrocuadrado Datasets

Conlallave Datasets

Infocasas Uruguay Datasets

Properati Argentina and Columbia Datasets

Otodom Poland Datasets

NLP Datasets

Yahoo Datasets

Yandex Datasets

Bing Datasets

Manta Datasets

Google Datasets

IMDB Datasets

Lawyers Datasets

Shopee Datasets

AliExpress Datasets

Rakuten Datasets

Massimo Dutti Datasets

Mango Datasets

Zara Home Datasets

Zara Datasets

Wish Datasets

Lazada Datasets

SHEIN Datasets

VentureRadar Datasets

Owler Datasets

Slintel Datasets

Australia Real Estate Datasets

SpyFu Datasets

G2 Datasets Datasets

Flipkart Datasets

Monster Datasets

Lowes Datasets

Kroger Datasets

Chewy Datasets

Mouser Electronics Datasets

Zoopla Datasets

CNN News Dataset Dataset

Google Shopping Dataset

Apple App Store Dataset

Wayfair Dataset

NBA Players’ Stats Dataset

Wikipedia Dataset

Nordstrom dataset

Myntra Products Dataset


Automated dataset creation platform

Streamline your data-collection process so you can focus on what matters.
  1. Initial setup

    Add the URLs of your target website.

  2. Schema & validation

    Get AI-generated schema and sample. Set up validation rules.

  3. Proof of concept

    The scraper is built based on schema and validation rules.

  4. Data collection & delivery

    Data is collected and delivered.

Dataset sample

Access fresh validated datasets from popular websites or generate custom datasets with an automatic dataset creation platform.

Data collection

High-volume web data collection

Eliminate the need for vast infrastructure. We enable high-volume data collection via our patented unblocking proxy technology. Benefit from automated schema detection and HTML parsing, effortlessly extracting data in various formats.

Data quality

Data is great only if it is reliable

Ensure precise datasets with our strict data validation methods. Employing rigorous validation methods for accurate, timely delivery reduces errors and assures data quality at each collection stage.

Data delivery

Adaptable delivery for all data needs

Choose a tailored data subscription. Data formats are available in JSON, ndJSON, CSV, and XLSX, delivered via Snowflake, Google Cloud, PubSub, S3, or Azure. Initiate requests through API for on-demand data.


Simplified API integrations

Integrate a variety of APIs effortlessly into your workflows for seamless data collection and billing, including user-friendly integrations with Snowflake and AWS.


Industry Leading Compliance

Adhere to top-tier data protection. Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and CCPA – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights and more.


An R&D team of
+80 data experts

Experience exceptional support with our data experts team. Rated #1 on G2, our 24/7 team of over 100 data and engineering specialists respond in under 10 minutes, offering daily updates and customized solutions.

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Awarded for leading the data extraction industry in customer satisfaction, quality of support, and market presence

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Datasets Pricing

Dataset Marketplace
Starting from $500
Starting from $300/mo
Get fresh validated datasets from any public website.
Request dataset
  • Standardized data schema
  • Fresh, clean, and parsed data
  • Diverse data & global coverage
  • Demo data in JSON / CSV
  • One-time, subscription-based, or on-demand.
Custom Datasets
Starting from $1000
Starting from $300/mo
Create datasets using an automated platform.
Request dataset
One time payment $500 (POC)
  • Customized data schema
  • Control over data validation
  • AI-generated schema & sample
  • Real-time product quantity est.
  • One-time, subscription-based, or on-demand.

End-to End Data Collection

High-volume. Validated. Compliant

Datasets FAQs

Bright Data Dataset Marketplace are validated collections of high-quality datasets covering various topics, sourced from various reliable and diverse public online data sources. These datasets are meticulously gathered, cleaned, and structured to provide valuable business insights.

Bright Data offers diverse datasets spanning industries such as AI and LLMs, e-commerce, finance, travel, social media, and more. These datasets encompass various data types, including text, images, videos, and structured data, providing comprehensive coverage for different analytical needs.

Yes, we get that different projects have unique requirements. This is why we offer customization options for datasets, allowing users to tailor the data to specific parameters such as timeframes, geographic regions, or specific data fields. This ensures that the datasets you receive are perfectly suited to your needs.

Bright Data prioritizes ethical data-sourcing practices. They adhere to strict ethical guidelines and comply with all relevant regulations to ensure that the data provided is obtained ethically and legally. Additionally, Bright Data is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of data subjects and users.

Yes. Each dataset undergoes rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure accuracy, reliability, and relevance. Additionally, we continuously update and refresh our datasets to reflect the latest information, ensuring that users always have access to the most current data.

Common use cases include machine learning and AI model training, product enrichment, market research, trend analysis, sentiment analysis.

Data formats are available in JSON, NDJSON, CSV, XLSX and Parquet. Datasets can be delivered via Snowflake, Webhook, Google Cloud, Email, PubSub, Amazon S3, SFTP or Azure. You can also iInitiate requests through API for on-demand data.

Not a problem. Before proceeding to checkout, you will be able to define the time range of the data freshness you would like to get.

You can choose between instantly available datasets, with data dating back from a few days to a couple of months, or freshly collected data.

Yes. You can subscribe to any dataset and receive fresh data directly to your storage on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.