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Starting from

What's included:

A-Z management of your data collection operation by a dedicated account manager

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Customized software development to retrieve data from your target websites

24/7 Bright Data technical support

Different file formats: JSON, CSV, or Microsoft Excel.

Industry-leading proxy and website unlocker technology

Adapting and maintaining code to reflect changes in website page structure.

Fastest data collection performance in the industry

Personalized data structuring and enrichment

Pricing FAQ

You can request a custom dataset tailored to your needs, delivered on-demand or scheduled. Suitable for businesses with specific requirements and domains that aren’t in the dataset marketplace. 

When a web page is initially rendered, all the data on that page is included in the first page load. Clicking on a link to load a new page or scrolling through the page to see more data (as a “lazy load”) is a second page load.

CPM meaning cost per mil.
1000 page loads = 1 CPM
1 CPM = $5
For example: If you have 100,000 page loads, divided by 1000, the CPM will be 100.
100 CPM x $5 = $500 total cost.

The number of custom datasets included in the annual plan consists of up to 6 collectors.

The monthly maintenance fee is starting from $150.
The maintenance fee is incorporated into the $1,000/m annual plan and includes developer support, monitoring, adjusting code and more.

For example: if you have 5 collectors in your $1,000/m annual plan, the maintenance fee is incorporated. i.e. the cost will remain the annual plan fee of $1,000 and not $1,750 ($150 per collector).

By committing to higher collection volumes you can receive a lower rate. Contact our sales department if you need more help.

Choose from JSON, NDJSON, CSV, or Microsoft Excel.

You can select your preferred delivery and storage method: Email, API, Webhook, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or SFTP.