web data collection

Trust Bright Data to provide your fresh web data, or use our proxy infrastructure to unlock any web restrictions with total anonymity

Data collection solutions


  • Get fresh, precise, & comprehensive datasets, covering millions of data points from eCommerce, social media, jobs & other popular websites
  • Identify and analyze trends, find companies, people, and social media influencers, optimize your e-commerce activity, or obtain data for your machine learning algorithms
  • Don’t need the entire dataset? Customize an existing dataset based on location, category, or any other parameter using our smart filtering capabilities

Web Scraper IDE

  • Scrape web data at scale with zero infrastructure using one of hundreds of ready-made Web Scraper IDE templates targeting popular websites
  • AI algorithms seamlessly clean, match, synthesize, process, and structure the unstructured website data before delivery – resulting in datasets ready for analysis
  • Web Scraper IDE is layered over our industry-leading, patented, peer-network technology, with the ability to tap into difficult-to-access public websites
Web Scraper IDE image
Scraping Browser

Scraping Browser

  • Easily make an API call to fetch any number of browser sessions and interact with them using Puppeteer (Python) or Playwright (Node.js) over a CDP protocol
  • Scale thousands of sessions at once using browsers hosted on Bright Data infrastructure & optimized for data scraping
  • Ideal for scraping projects that require website interactions to retrieve data, like hovering over a page, clicking buttons, scrolling, adding text, etc.

Bright Insights

  • Actionable market intelligence for global brands, retailers, analysts, and investors
  • Answer mission-critical questions at the brand, category & unit levels, powered by automated data collection & machine learning tools.
  • Sales and market share insights by category, product, & supplier
Web unlocker

Web Unlocker

  • Reach the toughest websites with 100% success rates with automated website unlocking tool
  • Validate content integrity based on response content, data types, request timing, and more
  • Rotate automatically through dozens of browser profiles. The Web Unlocker will upgrade your requests to look perfect

Proxy Manager

  • The most advanced open-source Proxy Manager allowing you to manage your proxies with one user-friendly interface
  • Route requests through Residential, Data Center, ISP, and Mobile IP Networks, based on custom rules to get the most cost-effective blend
  • Browse and monitor all requests sent through a proxy with detailed request logs and use features such as regex and custom rules to reduce traffic


  • Get real user search results, for any keyword, on every major search engine
  • Enjoy a wide variety of tailored parameters including the number of results displayed per page, language, geolocation, type of request (search, shopping, images, and more), & filters safe mode
  • Laser-focused geo-targeting

Proxy Browser Extension

  • Surf the web using a proxy without the need for coding or complex integration
  • With our easy-to-use browser extension you can target a specific geo-location and edit your proxy settings with a click of a mouse. Easy to start
  • Changes location for manual data collection. Easily rotate shared or static IPs from across the globe with just the click of your mouse, and from the comfort of your browser toolbar

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