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Customer favorite features

  • Data Delivered in JSON or HTML
  • Search Multiple Search Engines
  • Real-Time SERP Data
  • Save Time & Resources
  • Validates Content Integrity
  • Industry’s Best Customer Support
  • Ethical Compliance
  • User-Friendly Control Panel & API
  • Emulates a real user
  • Only pay for successful requests
  • Auto-Retry Mechanism
  • Asynchronous requests for chosen domains
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Rates and volume
216,956 requests
(195,686 requests Billed monthly)
492,118 requests
(444,000 requests Billed monthly)
($2.55/CPM Billed monthly)
($2.25/CPM Billed monthly)
(15% Billed monthly)
(25% Billed monthly)
37% or more
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99.9% Uptime
99.9% Uptime
99.9% Uptime
99.9% Uptime
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Search engines regularly change their structure and algorithms making data scraping difficult. SERP API automatically adjusts to changing SERPs and provides real user’s results with a variety of tailored search parameters. Results will shift depending on your search history, device, and location but with SERP API you will never get blocked because of location. Data is delivered with accuracy and speed in JSON or HTML output.

Bright Data SERP API provides real user’s results in high volumes for all the major search engines. It enables a wide variety of tailored search parameters, and your search results data will be delivered in JSON or HTML output. Focus on extracting the data you need without worrying about getting blocked, and with the most accuracy and speed.

Gather SERP data as a real user in any location, while saving money on data extraction engineers and IT professionals without worrying about server maintenance. SERP API is easily integrated into all 3rd party crawler software. Bright Data can support your growing traffic needs and peak periods.

Organic keyword tracking, brand protection, price comparison, market research, detect copyright infringements, ad intelligence

Get real user search results from all major search engines using different search parameters, in real-time and with the highest success rates, regardless of your requests volume. Only pay for successful requests and enjoy response time under 5 sec. Use different location parameters to automatically target a suitable peer to get a better understanding on how different location and time change the search results. Use different devices and search types for a more accurate search.

Executing each API is counted as a request.
In asynchronous mode, only “send request” is counted and collecting the response is not counted.

Yes. Bright Data SERP API provides real user results that are 100% accurate in high volumes for all major search engines. Focus on analyzing SERP results without worrying about getting blocked or receiving misleading information–we’ll get you the accurate SERP results with incredible speed.

SERP API supports 195 countries – every country on Earth–and also enables city-level targeting.

No. There is no limit to the number of concurrent requests. SERP API is built for scale.

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