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Over 72 million IPs, best-in-class technology and the ability to target any country, city, ZIP Code, carrier, & ASN make our premium proxy services a top choice for developers.

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Largest Global Proxy Servers Networks

Bright Data moblie proxy network is built of over 7million IPs from 195 countries

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Unlimited scale and customizing possibilities from any city or country in the world

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Bright Data has the highest success rates of any global IPs provider

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99.9% - Bright Data has the highest success rates of any IPs provider

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99.99% Network Uptime, plus a real-time network status monitor

Unparalleled Proxy Innovation

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Why developers prefer Bright Data's proxy servers

  • Highest quality data
  • Largest GEO coverage
  • Best network uptime
  • Fastest output

Best Performance

The highest success rate in the industry


Non-stop Innovation

New feature releases every day

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Enterprise-grade scaling

No-hassles integration for an easy start

  • Manage your IPs from the Bright Data Control Panel or API
  • Documentation for developers
  • Supports third-party software integration
  • Create and manage sub-users
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Easy-to-use with the web’s most-popular Proxy Manager

  • Most popular user-friendly proxy dashboard
  • Organize proxies with easy-to-use interface
  • No-hassle integration for first-timers
  • Define custom rules for optimized results
  • Built for developers. Powered for the enterprise
Compliant proxies

Our proxy servers network is 100% compliant

To protect your reputation and ensure your data is reliable, your mobile proxies must be sourced ethically and meet compliance standards. Bright Data is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights.

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4.5/5 Trustpilot rating

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New feature releases every day

24/7 global support

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Proxy Servers FAQ

A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. When you connect to the Internet, you are actually connecting to the proxy server, which then connects you to the website or service you want to use. Proxy servers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as improving security/performance, as well as collecting accurate client-facing data points.

A proxy service is an intermediary that allows communication between two services or applications. It acts as a go-between, providing a layer of security and shielding the identity of the source user.

Proxy services provide a number of benefits, including increased security and privacy, as well as the ability to bypass censorship and content restrictions. Additionally, proxy services can be used to improve performance by caching content and reducing the number of requests that need to be made to the server. And lastly, proxy services can be used in order to gain access to data sets that help businesses make strategic decisions, such as:

  1. How to price products in real-time (enabling dynamic pricing strategies across the board)
  2. 2. How to compete with companies in their space as far as marketing campaigns as well as which products are currently on offer.
  3. How to engineer a potential user/buyer journey based on current search engine trends/queries

If you are accessing the Internet from behind a firewall, you will need to use a proxy server in order to be able to view certain websites. A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. It allows you to access, and collect data from websites that might otherwise be blocked, or serve you misleading information.

There are many different types of proxy servers available. Some are free, while others must be purchased. If you are not sure which type of proxy server to use, you can have a look at Bright Data’s proxy services page.

Some key benefits include:

Better security: A proxy server can be used to improve security by using IP addresses not currently identified with the company.
Quicker performance: A proxy server can improve performance by caching web pages and files.
Heightened security: A proxy server can help protect the company from Denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), for example.
Monitoring traffic: A proxy server can be used to filter traffic.
Data collection: Proxies enable companies to gain access to information that is correct from a user / geolocation perspective. For example, if obtaining the correct pricing for a competitor’s product being sold in San Diego.

Proxy servers are often used by businesses in order to:

  1. Improve performance and security
  2. Bypass target site restrictions such as geographic blocks, and rate limitations
  3. Collect accurate competitive industry data

There are several ways to start working with proxy servers:

  1. Free proxies: The free proxy servers option is the most dangerous because of network vulnerabilities. Additionally, this option does not provide any security or encryption, which can leave companies open to attacks.
  2. In-house system: Building an in-house system helps accomplish what needs to be done but comes along with high operational development and maintenance costs.
  3. A reputable proxy provider: A paid third-party proxy network provider reduces in-house costs, ensures high network security, and encryption, and enables companies to gain access to different types of proxies, based on the project requirements. For these reasons, the paid third-party proxy network provider is the recommended course of action.

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