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Whether you’re looking to extract web data, to verify your ad campaigns, or to perform website testing, Bright Data is the industry’s most trusted proxy network in Canada. Don’t be caught without the data you need by getting blocked or cloaked while web scraping. Use the most reliable and fast Canadian IPs, trusted by over 15K+ businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

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Canada’s best-performing proxies that actually work

Bright Data is the most stable infrastructure for your Canada-based IPs because you choose or rotate between four proxy types:  Residential, Mobile, ISP, and Datacenter. Overcome any blockade on Canadian websites restricted by geo-location. Enjoy the highest success rates in the industry at 99.99%, and explore a variety of automated web data collection products from the award-winning #1 Proxy Ecosystem.

How businesses are leveraging Canadian IPs

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Collecting stock market information

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Protecting their brand

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Getting eCommerce competitive data

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Performing web data extraction

Why Bright Data is the Category Leader in Canada Proxies

success rates of 99.99%

#1 Performing Canada Proxy

Success rates of 99.9%

highest network uptime

#1 Canada Proxy Speeds

Highest Network Uptime

trusted by many businesses

Trusted by 15,000+ businesses as the most stable IP provider

trusted by many peers

Proxyway’s #1 Proxy Ecosystem

Limitless Numbers of Canadian IPs

Why Bright Data is Canada’s Top Proxy Provider

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Any Candian IP Type

Easily switch between Datacenter, ISP, Residential and Mobile Candian networks.

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Global Distribution

Need IPs outside Canada? Find IPs in every country, city, ASN, and carrier

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Best Canada Proxy Success Rates

Bright Data has the highest success rates of any Canadian IPs provider

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Exclusive Canada IPs

Use IPs assigned exclusively for your target websites.

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Canada’s Fastest Proxy Speeds

Fastest network uptime, fastest output

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Premium Customer Support

The industry standard in 24/7 support

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Canada Proxy Manager

Speed up your project with a free Canadian Proxies Manager

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Most Innovation of Canada’s IPs Provider

3,300+ granted patent claims & counting

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