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Gain total global coverage & keep your IPs for life

  • 700,000+ fully-compliant static residential (ISP) proxies
  • Fastest response time in the industry
  • Used by 15K+ businesses & Fortune 500 companies
ISP IPs across the globe
99.9% success rate
99.9% network uptime
Easy integration for developers
G2 - Spring 2022 leader

G2 Industry Leader 2022

Awarded for leading the data extraction industry in customer satisfaction, quality of support, and market presence

best proxy ecosystem 2021

Best Proxy Ecosystem 2021

Awarded for leading the industry in proxy innovation & the best overall customer experience

best proxy ecosystem 2020

Best Proxy Ecosystem 2020

Awarded for our market-leading tools to collect any public web data

What makes Bright Data ISP Proxy network the best?

Our ISPs have the largest geographic coverage

Bright Data’s ISP Proxies provide the widest geographic coverage of any proxy provider, enabling you to keep real residential ISP IPs from anywhere in the world for as long as you need them. The best ISP proxy network is built of over 700,000 global IPs and is the fastest and best-performing infrastructure available on the market for highly reliable performance. No interruptions.

  • Real ISP IPs from 49 countries
  • Fastest static residential (ISP) IPs
  • Use IPs for as long as you need
  • Highest success rates
The best ISP proxies
Best ISPs Performance

Our ISPs perform best, and they’re yours for life

Bright Data ISP Proxy pool has the widest geographic coverage, and the fastest and most stable pool of 100% compliant ISP Proxies in the market. Unlock access to geo-restricted websites across the world, with 100% ethically-sourced and compliant ISP proxies, shared within our peer resource-sharing community. The best ISP proxies guarantee long sessions, and you can use the same IP address for as long as you need for all your data collection without any obstructions or delays.
  • Used by Fortune 500 companies & 15K+ businesses
  • Awarded Best Proxy Ecosystem by Proxyway
  • Outstanding 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating
  • Serving 7/10 of the leading global universities

Our network is 100% compliant

To protect your reputation and ensure your data is reliable, your proxies must be sourced ethically and meet compliance standards. Bright Data is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights.

The US Ninth Circuit Court recently reaffirmed the legality of scraping public web data. Learn more about the ruling.

Why Engineers Prefer Bright Data for ISP Proxies

Unparalleled Quality of Service
Largest GEO Coverage
Best Network Uptime
Fastest Output

Best Performance

The highest success
rate in the industry

Non-stop Innovation

New feature releases
every day

Most Reliable


Developers love our easy integration & extras

  • Documentation made easy for developers
  • Create and manage sub-users
  • Manage proxies with easy-to-use Proxy Manager
  • Define custom rules for optimized results

The category leader in proxies and data collection

Public data

650TB of public data collected every day

internet service provider proxies as a proxy service

700,000+ real ISP IPs

Serving universities

Serving 7/10 of the world’s leading universities

Trustpilot rating

4.8/5 highest Trustpilot rating in the industry

The best customer experience in the industry

  • You ask, we developNew feature releases
    every day
  • 24/7 global supportTo answer any questions
    right when you need it
  • Full transparencyReal-time network
    performance dashboard
  • Dedicated Account ManagersTo optimize your
  • Tailored solutionsTo meet your data
    collection goals
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Flexible Pricing

As the market leader, we can offer flexible pricing. Choose a plan that fits your needs.

Bright Data’s ISP Proxies Network is built of residential IPs bought or leased from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for commercial use, rather than for use in private homes. Target sites identify ISP IPs as if they were residential IPs, although they are actually hosted on servers.

Using real IPs from Internet Service Providers allows you to access websites as if you were any other regular person who is browsing the web, while also gaining the high speeds that are characteristic of proxies that originate in high-speed servers.

ISP Proxies allow you to view content, perform ad verification, quality assurance and more from a user perspective. Some of the popular ways that businesses leverage ISP Proxies are for web data extraction, marketing on social media, AdTech, Website Testing, Travel, SEO, and more.

Spend less time on unlocking websites and more time on driving results