Beat your eCommerce competitors with web data and insights

Monitor competitor sales, market share, inventory, and pricing in real-time with our eCommerce scrapers and datasets

Revolutionize your pricing strategy with competitive insights and intelligence

  • Uncover each competitor’s current pricing for every product: list price, selling price, and discount.
  • Compare prices of identical products for all competitors to unlock dynamic pricing models in real-time.
  • Find the exact match for each SKU and track price changes. Chart the price history for each product.
  • Be alerted to new sales and promotions.
  • Determine the right price for every SKU, according to their impact on your sales and competitors sales.
Price data for price comparison
Smart watches prices

Optimize your inventory with real-time product discovery and matching

  • Unlock competitor product catalog, inventory status, and extract all product information.
  • Minimise OOS (out of stock) levels, Improve product ranking in search results and Maintain your own accurate product profiles.
  • Discover new categories / products to compete in.
  • Be informed in real-time when your suppliers introduce a new brand line so you can incorporate the SKUs into your site quickly.
  • Tap into numerous competitors simultaneously to discover gaps in inventory to be exploited.

Monitor consumer sentiment

  • Find out which categories and brands are trending in each country.
  • Validate styles, assortment and merchandising decisions to ensure the right commercial offer.
  • Spot shifts in consumer demand and quickly identify products that have decreasing/increasing popularity among buyers.
  • Understand the journey of your potential customers and uncover challenges they face.
  • Get alerts on changes in rating so you can Focus your efforts on key products and best sellers.
Customer reviews and ratings
Enterprise grade scale
Enterprise-grade scale

No limit to the number of sites and volume of data. Focus your team’s efforts on analyzing the data, not collecting, checking, and cleaning it.

Point click simplicity
Point and click simplicity

Gone are the days of large-scale software development to extract website data. Get the data you need in minutes, with 100% accuracy and reliability - easy to start.

Patented technology
Patented, proprietary technology

Powered by the industry’s leading peer networks, Web Scraper IDE utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to bypass public website roadblocks and unlock the data needed.

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Optimize your inventory and pricing with eCommerce product matching algorithms.

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