Amazon Scraper API

Scrape Amazon products’ data and reviews. Scrape all product and category information, including ASIN, seller name, merchant ID, title, URL, image URL, category tree, brand, product overview, description, sizes, colors, and much more. Maintain full control, flexibility, and scale without worrying about infrastructure, proxy servers, or getting blocked.

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One API call. Tons of data.

Data Discovery

Detecting data structures and patterns to ensure efficient, targeted extraction of data.

Bulk Request Handling

Reduce server load and optimize data collection for high-volume scraping tasks.

Data Parsing

Efficiently converts raw HTML into structured data, easing data integration and analysis.

Data validation

Ensure data reliability and save time on manual checks and preprocessing.


Never worry about proxies and CAPTCHAs again

  • Automatic IP Rotation
  • CAPTCHA Solver
  • User Agent Rotation
  • Custom Headers
  • JavaScript Rendering 
  • Residential Proxies

Starts from $0.001/record

Pricing is based on the number of records and domain type.
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  • Automated validation
  • 24/7 human support

Easy to start. Easier to scale.

Unmatched Stability

Ensure consistent performance and minimize failures by relying on the world’s leading proxy infrastructure.

Simplified Web Scraping

Put your scraping on auto-pilot using production-ready APIs, saving resources and reducing maintenance.

Unlimited Scalability

Effortlessly scale your scraping projects to meet data demands, maintaining optimal performance.


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API for Seamless Amazon Data Access

Comprehensive, Scalable, and Compliant Amazon Data Extraction


Tailored to your workflow

Get structured LinkedIn data in JSON, NDJSON, or CSV files through Webhook or API delivery.


Built-in infrastructure and unblocking

Get maximum control and flexibility without maintaining proxy and unblocking infrastructure. Easily scrape data from any geo-location while avoiding CAPTCHAs and blocks.


Battle-proven infrastructure

Bright Data’s platform powers over 20,000+ companies worldwide, offering peace of mind with 99.99% uptime, access to 72M+ real user IPs covering 195 countries.


Industry leading compliance

Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and CCPA – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights and more.

Amazon Scraper API use cases

Scrape Amazon prices to compare your prices and inventory

Scrape Amazon best sellers to stay ahead of the competition

Scrape Amazon reviews to track consumer sentiment

Optimize your pricing, supply chain, and marketing strategy

Why 20,000+ Customers Choose Bright Data

100% Compliant

Scraped data is ethically obtained and compliant with all privacy laws.

24/7 Global Support

A dedicated team of data professionals is here to help.

Complete Data Coverage

Access 72 million+ global IPs to scrape data from any website.

Unmatched Data Quality

Advanced technologies and validation methods for quality data.

Powerful Infrastructure

Scrape high-volume data without getting blocked.

Custom Solutions

Get tailored solutions to meet unique needs and goals.

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Amazon Scraper API FAQs

The Amazon Scraper API is a powerful tool designed to automate data extraction from the Amazon website, allowing users to efficiently gather and process large volumes of data for various use cases.

The Amazon Scraper API works by sending automated requests to the Amazon website, extracting the necessary data points, and delivering them in a structured format. This process ensures accurate and quick data collection.

The data points that can be collected with the Amazon Scraper API include product titles, prices, ratings, reviews, product descriptions, ASINs, and other relevant data.

Yes, the Amazon Scraper API is designed to comply with data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. It ensures that all data collection activities are performed ethically and legally.

Absolutely! The Amazon Scraper API is perfect for competitive analysis, enabling you to gather insights into your competitors’ products, pricing strategies, and customer reviews on the Amazon website.

The Amazon Scraper API offers flawless integration with various platforms and tools. You can use it with your existing data pipelines, CRM systems, or analytics tools to improve your data processing capabilities.

There are no specific usage limits for the Amazon Scraper API, offering you the flexibility to scale as needed. Prices start from $0.001 per record, ensuring cost-effective scalability for your web scraping projects.

Yes, we offer dedicated support for the Amazon Scraper API. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using the API.

Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google PubSub, Microsoft Azure Storage, Snowflake, and SFTP.

JSON, NDJSON, JSON lines, CSV, and .gz files (compressed).