Lowe’s Scraper

Scrape Lowes and collect data such as: product prices, images, description, reviews, discounts, and more.

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Use Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE,
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  • Scrape Lowe’s to define your pricing strategy and create dynamic pricing models
  • Collect Lowe’s data to discover gaps in inventory, new products, and more
  • Extract Lowe’s data to spot shifts in consumer demands
  • Monitor consumer sentiment and track product reviews

Lowe’s Scraper Overview

  • Data scraping for beginners – easy to use
  • All-in-One platform integrates with our industry-leading proxy networks
  • Utilizes proprietary site unlocking technology
  • Adapts to site changes: when Lowe’s changes its site structure Web Scraper IDE will adapt
  • Infinitely scalable – collect as much data as you need quickly and completely
  • Fully-compliant with industry best practices and privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA)
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How to use a Lowes Scraper to improve your e-commerce business:

  • Compare prices for all Lowes products across categories like home appliances, tools, outdoors, smart home, bath, lighting and ceiling fans, building supplies, flooring, etc.
  • Find and research new products by collecting data on trends and customer reviews
  • Conduct product matching and ensure up-to-date inventory
  • Predict market trends with data on promotions, holiday sales, cyber steals, etc.
  • Collect data on handyman services like pricing and people data for home services
  • Develop new product categories and inventory changes
  • Get insights into consumer sentiment through reviews and identify products’ popularity among buyers
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How to develop a web scraper


Choose from ready-made code templates or start from scratch


Develop and customize your scraper using Bright Data’s ready-made scraping functions
Develop and customize your scraper


Choose when to get the data: In real-time or batches
Choose when to get the data


Choose the file format and where to send the data
Choose format and where to send the data

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