Avito Scraper

Use the Web Scraper IDE tool to retrieve publicly available data from Avito. Collect sellers, products, regions, and many other public elements on this giant Russian marketplace.

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Use Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE,
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  • Collect images
  • Scrape product prices
  • Scrape products from specific regions
  • Collect info from chosen categories



Avito Scraper Overview

  • Data scraping for beginners – easy to use
  • All-in-One platform integrates with our industry-leading proxy networks
  • Utilizes proprietary site unlocking technology
  • Adapts to site changes: when Avito changes its site structure Web Scraper IDE will adapt
  • Infinitely scalable – collect as much data as you need quickly and completely
  • Fully-compliant with industry best practices and privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA)



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How to leverage an Avito Scraper:

  • Price comparison for any Avito products
  • Inventory optimization – Locate and research new products listed on Avito to maximize your catalog
  • Understand market trends by collecting real-time price and product changes
  • Collect millions of Avito products and their details
  • Locate new product categories and inventory changes
  • Get insights into consumer sentiment through reviews and identify products’ popularity among buyers




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How to develop a web scraper


Choose from ready-made code templates or start from scratch


Develop and customize your scraper using Bright Data’s ready-made scraping functions
Develop and customize your scraper


Choose when to get the data: In real-time or batches
Choose when to get the data


Choose the file format and where to send the data
Choose format and where to send the data

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