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Scrape data from Shopee and collect information on product ratings, pricing, top products, and more, so that you can compare your prices and inventory. Maintain full control, flexibility, and scale without worrying about infrastructure, proxy servers, or getting blocked.

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  • Built-in proxy unblocking infra
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Our web scraping solutions give you maximum control and flexibility without maintaining proxy and unblocking infrastructure. Easily scrape data from any geo-location while avoiding CAPTCHAs and blocks.

Shopee scraper output examples

    "Product name": "ผักและผลไม้อบกรอบ10ชนิด ขนาด 250g \/ 500g ผักและผลไม้รวมอบแห้ง กระเจี๊ยบเขียวผัก ผักอบกรอบ",
    "Price": {
        "lowPrice": {
            "value": "65.00",
            "currency": "THB"
        "highPrice": {
            "value": "120.00",
            "currency": "THB"
    "Description": "ผักและผลไม้อบกรอบ 10ชนิด 🍉🍉\n--มี10ชนิดพร้อมกันเลยทีเดียว\n1=🌹กล้วยแผ่น🌹อบกรอบ\n2=🌹ขนุน🌹อบกรอบ\n3=🌹มันฝรั่ง🌹อบกรอบ\n4=🌹พุทรา🌹 อบกรอบ\n5=🌹มันม่วง🌹 อบกรอบ\n6=🌹มันเหลือง🌹อบกรอบ\n7=🌹แรดิชแดง🌹อบกรอบ (หัวไชเท้าสีแดง)\n8= 🌹แรดิชเขียว🌹 อบกรอบ (หัวไชเท้าสีเขียว)\n9= 🌹แครอท🌹อบกรอบ\n10= 🌹กระเจี๊ยบ🌹 อบกรอบ\nมี2ขนาดให้เลือก 250กรัมและ500ถรัม--\nผักกรอบอร่อย หอมกรอบ กินเท่าไรก็ไม่เบื่อ\nอร่อย ไม่เลี่ยน\nตกหลุมรักผัก\nมีความกรอบอร่อยรสชาติดีจะทำให้คุณหลงรักผัก",
    "Product category": "อาหารแห้ง",
    "Product availability": false,
    "Discount": "67% ส่วนลด",
    "Images": [
    "Reviews": "15158",
    "Rating": "",
    "Seller information": {
        "@type": "Organization",
        "name": "Home official shopเมล็ดทานตะวั",
        "url": "https:\/\/\/shiny.ridar",
        "image": "https:\/\/\/file\/9712636100daa0e57e800e021105ab65",
        "aggregateRating": {
            "bestRating": 5,
            "worstRating": 1,
            "ratingCount": "15158",
            "ratingValue": ""
        "additional": {
            "คะแนน": "15.2พัน",
            "รายการสินค้า": "15",
            "อัตราการตอบกลับ": "96%",
            "เวลาในการตอบกลับ": "ภายในไม่กี่ชั่วโมง",
            "เข้าร่วมเมื่อ": "9 เดือน ที่ผ่านมา",
            "ผู้ติดตาม": "1.4พัน"
    "Breadcrumbs": [
    "Additional properties": []

Tailored Shopee scrapers based on your needs

Ready-made functions

Capture browser network calls, configure a proxy, extract data from lazy loading UI, and more.

Scraper API

Trigger crawls on a schedule or by API streamlining the data to major storage platforms.

Code templates

Simplify and speed up the development process using code templates of popular websites.

Built-in proxy & unblocking

Emulate a user in any geo-location with built-in fingerprinting, retries, CAPTCHA solving, and more.

Auto-scaling infrastructure

No need to invest in hardware or software to manage an enterprise-grade web scraper.

Staging environment

Data validation and reparsing for accuracy, relevancy, and error-free data scraping.

Industry leading compliance

Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and CCPA – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights and more.

Shopee Scraper use cases

Scrape Shopee for brand awareness and consumer sentiment

Collect Shopee data to monitor competitor pricing

Track best sellers to identify market gaps

Collect data and enhance product inventory

Why 20,000+ Customers Choose Bright Data

100% Compliant

Scraped data is ethically obtained and compliant with all privacy laws.

24/7 Global Support

A dedicated team of data professionals is here to help.

Complete Data Coverage

Access 72 million+ global IPs to scrape data from any website.

Unmatched Data Quality

Advanced technologies and validation methods for quality data.

Powerful Infrastructure

Scrape high-volume data without getting blocked.

Custom Solutions

Get tailored solutions to meet unique needs and goals.

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Shopee Scraper FAQs

Proxies are important for scraping Shopee because it allows the scraper to remain anonymous, avoid IP blocking, access geo-restricted content, and improve scraping speed.

Having an unblocking solution when scraping Shopee is important because many websites have anti-scraping measures that block the scraper’s IP address or require CAPTCHA solving. The unblocking solution implemented within Bright Data’s web scraping solutions are designed to bypass these obstacles and continue gathering data without interruption.

When scraping Shopee , you may only scrape publicly available data. Due to our commitment to privacy laws, we do not allow scraping behind log-ins.

Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and CCPA – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights and more.