AdsPower proxy integration

AdsPower Proxy Integration

What is AdsPower?

Introducing AdsPower: the ultimate antidetect browser with multi-account management. It revolutionizes the way you browse and automate tasks, offering virtual browser profiles that mimic genuine devices with unique fingerprints. With AdsPower, you can streamline business workflows, enhance productivity, and ensure data security through encrypted transmission and servers.

AdsPower unlocks new possibilities across various industries. Whether you’re in affiliate marketing, agencies, crypto, or e-commerce, AdsPower empowers you to maximize your potential.It enables you to run unlimited ad accounts, securely manage multiple client accounts, break free from physical infrastructure limitations, and boost your sales across multiple channels. With AdsPower, you have the ultimate solution to propel your business forward. Experience its unrivaled capabilities and unlock new levels of success.

Unlock New Possibilities with Bright Data Proxies and AdsPower

Tap into the unlimited potential of AdsPower combined with Bright Data proxies. Experience a world of possibilities and take your browsing experience to new heights.

  • Access the world’s largest proxy pool with 72+ million IPs, including datacenter, residential, mobile, and web unlocker proxies.
  • Real-time visibility into traffic with live previews.
  • Harness the power of logs and statistics for comprehensive insights.
  • Optimize bandwidth and reduce costs with traffic splitting rules.
  • Ensure reliable data retrieval with automatic request retries.
  • Effortlessly overcome captchas and adapt to markup changes.
  • Customize headers and SSL fingerprints with ease.
  • Enjoy the benefits of IP rotation and session management for enhanced anonymity.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows through the user-friendly API.

Together, AdsPower and Bright Data Proxies create a formidable combination that amplifies your capabilities, providing you with unparalleled control and flexibility in navigating the ever-changing online landscape.

AdsPower Proxy Integration

Steps to integrate Bright Data Proxies with AdsPower

Create a zone

Create a Zone in Bright Data:

To begin integrating AdsPower with Bright Data, it is recommended to create an ISP zone with a dedicated IP. Make sure to include your targeted domains or select the “All domains” setting to target multiple sites using the same IP.

Example zone setting

Example Zone Setting:

Create a designated Zone for your proxy usage.

access parameters

Obtain Access Parameters:

Open the Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure in Bright Data, select the zone you have created, and choose access parameters. Keep the browser tab open as you will need these credentials in the coming steps.

download adpower

Download AdsPower:

Download and install the latest version of AdsPower for your operating system by clicking here.

Login into AdsPower

Login to Your AdsPower Account:

Sign in to your AdsPower account using your login credentials.

Create new profile

Create a New Profile:

Click on the “+ New profile” button and Name the profile.

Select bd proxies

Select Bright Data Proxies:

Scroll down to the Proxy section. Select “custom”, from the Proxy type dropdown menu and choose either Luminati or Lumauto for rotating proxies.

proxy protocol

Configure Proxy Protocol:

Under the protocol settings, select HTTP.

Porxy server and port

Set Proxy Server and Port:

For Bright Data proxies, set the server to and the port to 22225

proxy manager port

(Optional) Set your Proxy Manager Server and Port

When using Proxy Manager you can set the Host to: and port to: 24XXX according to the existing ports on your Proxy Manager.

access parameters adspower

Copy Proxy Username and Password:

Go to Bright Data’s “Proxies & Scraping Infra” and select the proxy zone you are using. Click on the “Access parameter” option and copy the provided Username and Password.

put info in adspower

Paste Proxy Credentials in AdsPower:

Return to AdsPower and paste the copied Username and Password into the corresponding fields.

check proxy

Check Proxy and Save Browser Profile:

Click on the “check proxy” button and ensure that you see a “Connection test passed” message. Click OK to save the browser profile.

Start browsing

Start Browsing:

To use the proxy, click on the open button, and you will see a browser opening up with your preferred settings and the configured proxy.

Event log

Verify Proxy Usage:

To confirm the use of your Bright Data proxy, refer to the Event Log section in your Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure dashboard.


Integrating Bright Data proxies with AdsPower enables you to leverage the powerful capabilities of both platforms, unlocking new levels of productivity, security, and control in your online activities. By following these straightforward steps, you can create a formidable toolset that provides an unrivaled browsing experience. Whether you’re managing multiple ad accounts, overcoming captchas, or ensuring reliable data retrieval, this powerful combination ensures that you’re well-equipped to navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape. Harness the synergy of Bright Data proxies and AdsPower today, and elevate your business to new heights.

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