AdsPower Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Learn how to setup your AdsPower proxy settings and integrate with Bright Data’s proxy services.

AdsPower provides an isolation fingerprint browser for each social or e-commerce account, making it easy to operate a large number of accounts on the same computer at the same time.

A browser automation tool, it can operate multiple social media accounts in batches at the same time as if they were coming from multiple physical devices.

Setting up AdsPower

  • Download and install AdsPower.
  • Launch AdsPower and select Upload Accs from the Account Management menu.
  • Fill in Bright Data proxy information.
    • Proxy Type: luminati.
    • Proxy Host:
    • Proxy Port: 22225.
    • Proxy User: Your Zone user name.
    • Proxy Password: Your Zone password

Bright Data and AdsPower integration

  • Go to your Bright Data Dashboard and click Add Zone.
  • Select a network type and press Add Zone.
  • Back in your Bright Data dashboard, click a Zone name.
  • Paste Bright Data’s proxy IP information and account information into Excel
  • Upload Excel to AdsPower system

How to automatically match Bright Data’s dynamic residential IP in AdsPower

  • Click the “Free Upgrade” button in the lower right corner of the AdssPower software to upgrade to the Team version of AdsPower
  • Enter the menu, Enterprise → Settings
  • Fill in the username and password of Bright Data Dynamic Residential IP
  • When importing the account, select “Lumauto”
  • Fill in the IP country / state / city information you want to get from Bright Data, or the IP address that the account has logged in and used.
  • After the configuration is complete, click the OK button.
  • In the account management interface, click the Open Browser button, AdsPower will proxy you to the IP of the region you expect.