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Data acquisition remains unaffected amidst shrinking department budgets, reveals research

New research from Bright Data, a web data platform, and independent research firm Vanson Bourne reveals how crucial web data is to business strategies across the retail, travel, and banking sectors.

Business Leader | 28-Oct-2022

5 Mins With Or Lenchner, CEO, web data platform Bright Data

As CEO of industry-leading public web data collection platform Bright Data, Or Lenchner attributes his company success to allowing employees autonomy

Business Chief | 28-Oct-2022

How web data is transforming ecommerce

The ecommerce field is changing fast, and data is the catalyst. Online retail businesses are increasingly relying on insights drawn from web data to guide their pricing strategies as well as find the best time for product and service launches. A recent survey conducted by Bright Data and Vanson Bourne found some 87% of ecommerce businesses have increased web data collection and management budgets in the past 12 months – more than a third (38%) of them by over 10%, a significant increase of 25% from last year (2021).

TechRadar Pro | 27-Oct-2022

Bright Data Survey Reveals Retail, Banking and Travel Organizations are Turning to Acquisitions and External Partners to Support Increase in Web Data Collection Efforts

Amidst mounting global economic challenges, demand for market insight is pushing 55% of professionals from the US, UK, and France to consider acquiring companies or employing outside partners to continue enhancing their web data collection efforts – an increase of over 25% from just 24 months ago

BusinessWire | 25-Oct-2022

Report: 90% of companies have increased budget for web data this past year

According to a new study by Bright Data, 90% of companies report that in the last year, they have increased their budget for web data. This accompanies 87% whose web data needs have grown in that time. The survey was conducted in September 2022 and included 500 professionals from companies in the retail, travel and financial sectors.

VentureBeat | 25-Oct-2022

All university courses must teach foundational data skills

Data are transforming every aspect of employment. Every graduate, regardless of their discipline, must be prepared, says Keren Pakes.

Times Higher Education | 22-Oct-2022

5 Ways SEO Experts Are Winning In Local Search With Automated SERP APIs

Learn how SEO pros are automatically discovering actionable search insights with SERP APIs and SERP scrapers to win top positions on SERPs.

Search Engine Journal | 19-Oct-2022

How We Uncovered Disparities in Internet Deals

As became painfully obvious when pandemic lockdowns began, fast, reliable internet service is a necessity today. A survey released last year found that 90 percent of Americans said the internet has been essential or important to their lives over the course of the pandemic. Yet the high-speed internet options offered by an internet service provider can vary—even by neighborhood within a city—based in part on how and where it has elected to upgrade its physical infrastructure.

The Markup | 19-Oct-2022