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What every CEO should know about ESG data

When it comes to the financial sector (e.g., private equity, asset management, wealth management, etc.) investment decisions have been heavily swayed by financial factors, such as quarterly earnings reports. While there’s still value in these materials, leaders are starting to pay more attention to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) data.

CEO Views | 23-Jul-2021

ESG investing is reshaping financial markets

Gone are the days when the Friedman Doctrine – which states that a company’s sole responsibility is to its shareholders – was the accepted way of doing business. Today’s financial analysts and hedge fund managers are increasingly looking towards a “shared value” model, which considers environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors. This approach enables them to uncover a more nuanced picture of an organisation, its financial risks, and future investment potential.

Director of Finance | 23-Jul-2021

Industry Voice: Three tips for web data collection that will improve your business workflows

One way businesses can improve their decision-making prowess is by collecting and analysing online data. In fact, the most accurate business decisions are typically backed by data, and there is no greater source out there than the Internet. Let's explore the top three tips for web-based data collection that will guarantee to improve your business workflows.

computing | 17-Jul-2021

A data-driven opportunity for the FE and Skills sector

The FE and Skills sector has a rare opportunity to strengthen its importance to the UK’s economic success over the coming years. Thanks to a combination of four factors, colleges and training providers are in prime position to become the engines that drive the UK’s development as a global leader in data – the foundation stone of the future economy

FEnews | 15-Jul-2021

ESG alt-data collection: here’s what the financial services sector should know

This is where alternative ESG data collection tools come in. Investing in ESG alt-data collection tools – as well as building proprietary analysis and reporting systems – allows investors to get ahead. Such tools provide new and innovative ways of understanding environmental, social and governance factors, painting a more nuanced picture and uncovering current or future financial risks that may otherwise remain hidden.

Wealth DFM | 07-Jul-2021

ESG alt-data collection: here’s what the financial services sector should know

With the growing availability of non-traditional ESG data sets, the financial services sector can measure sustainability on a much deeper level than ever before. Using alternative ESG data, it’s possible to form a comprehensive framework that identifies the companies best positioned for long-term profitability.

IFA Magazine | 07-Jul-2021

Is Your Media Crisis Working For You?

The “daunting” media crisis has been causing nightmares for many. But what if I told you that a crisis is actually an opportunity? It can be an opportunity to do better, to get the better story out there and even to gain a few inches in your media strategy.

Forbes | 05-Jul-2021

Three things investors need to know about ESG data collection

The number of investors and corporations adopting environmental, societal, and corporate governance (ESG) data collection strategies has risen significantly in recent years. Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. In fact, estimates show that there are around $30 trillion of assets invested worldwide that rely on ESG information, a huge rise of 34% since 2016.

Funds Europe | 25-Jun-2021