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Non-profit fights online antisemitism with open database

CyberWell has launched what it describes as the “world’s first” live and open database of antisemitic content generated across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The non-profit company, established in 2022, aims to use technology to collect examples of antisemitism online so that it can be “studied and stopped”.

National Technology News | 06-Feb-2023

How Public Web Data Helps Solve Our Most Pressing Societal Challenges

What does the fight against sex trafficking, child abuse, cyberbullying and political disinformation have in common? The answer is right in front of and all around us: publicly available web data.

Forbes | 19-Jan-2023

What does 2023 have in store for public web data?

Find out the three biggest trends that are set to shape the web data landscape in 2023.

UK Tech News | 18-Jan-2023

Bright Data Files Lawsuit Against Meta to Protect Everyone’s Access to Public Web Data for Public Good

To protect everyone’s right to access public data for public good, Bright Data today filed a lawsuit against Meta in the Delaware Superior Court. Markets and society function best when public data is accessible to the public. Information transparency helps drive market competition, advance research and assist life-saving organizations.

BusinessWire | 06-Jan-2023

Musk Lifted Bans for Thousands on Twitter. Here’s What They’re Tweeting.

Many reinstated users are tweeting about topics that got them barred in the first place: Covid-19 skepticism, election denialism and QAnon.

The New York Times | 22-Dec-2022

Protecting Your Brand With Public Web Data Scraping

Commercial organizations are incorporating public web data collection into their daily operational strategies in order to protect their brands against external factors that could damage their label's name or image.

Data Breach Today | 20-Dec-2022

Three things retailers should know about consumer attitudes this Christmas

This year’s Christmas is like no other. Amid the highest inflation since the early 1980s and spiralling energy bills, the UK public is increasingly worried about the current cost-of-living crisis: with 86% of people concerned about day-to-day living costs and just over half (54%) saying they are very concerned, according to a previous PwC study.

SME | 14-Dec-2022

Bright Data Launches Public Web Datasets on Snowflake Marketplace

Bright Data announced today its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and as such, the launch of its Datasets on Snowflake Marketplace. The new solution will provide joint customers with ready-to-use, pre-made datasets to help them acquire the web data they need to make critical decisions and address challenging business questions across every aspect of their organization.

BusinessWire | 05-Dec-2022