scanning online to find 3rd party retailers that might be diluting your brand

Monitoring the web for third party retailer activity will help you maintain your brand’s value

Maintaining brand uniformity, monitoring retailer marketing, and performing product-specific analytics using live datasets will help you prevent vendors from making unapproved product modifications as well as ensuring that your company is never misrepresented online
Collected Food Data Blog Header

What flavor does data come in? This is how the culinary scene is tapping into consumer tastes

Menu monitoring, and recipe engagement tracking are just two examples of consumer/competitor-generated food-intelligence datasets enabling everything from market-specific consumer flavor trend analysis to the brand positioning of a new packaged food item
All Hands On Data How To Master web Data Collection | Or Lenchner CEO and Itamar Abramovich Director of Product Management - blue color graphic with settings and graph widget icons

The future looks Bright with our first post-covid in-person workshop

‘How to master web data collection’ was an exciting learning experience helping participants get up-to-date information on data collection technology, as well as gaining business insights. It was our first live event in over a year and a half, and the energy at The Brain Embassy in Tel Aviv was off the charts!
smartphone surrounded by travel data of flight times and railway schedules

How data-driven creativity is helping to solve India’s transportation crisis

A conversation with Hrishabh Sanghvi, co-founder and CTO of Railofy
cyberthreat protection by using data collection

How is online data collection making the internet a safer place for all?

A conversation with Roman Hussy, founder of, a non-profit project fighting cyber attacks
Gentle blue tones graphical megaphone analogs used online, including youtube, blogging, podcasts, etc

How marketers can create a more effective, agile content strategy using a data-driven approach

Start creating content that actually resonates, driving awareness, intent, and positive purchase decisions by collecting data, and iterating based on target audience search trends, and social sentiment, competitor ad campaigns, as well as current events, and web traffic data
using automated online data collection to help people get the Covid jabs coronavirus vaccines

The global sprint to vaccinate against COVID-19 – can online data enable more efficient rollouts?

A conversation with David Newell, Founder of
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