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Real-time web data points for retail success

We sat down with Irwan Djoehana, founder of the retail competitive intelligence platform Retail Shake, to talk about how his company uses public web data to provide retailers with the tools they need to effectively monitor their market as well as their competition, and gather insights to help keep consumer attention focused on their products.
Why you need to start scraping Amazon now in order to grab serious market share

Why you need to start scraping Amazon now in order to grab serious market share

Whether your company is struggling to collect public web data from Amazon in a different geolocation or you are finding it tricky to navigate the marketplace’s changing site architecture, this guide offers an alternative to manual web scraping in the form of ready-to-use Amazon Datasets
What is alternative data

What Is Alternative Data and How to Use It

Investment houses are monitoring social media, search engine, and consumer demand data, getting real-time alerts when companies in their portfolio are mentioned. Here’s how.
What is screen scraping and who needs it?

What Is Screen Scraping and How It Works

Discover how your business can implement data-driven user/competitor feedback loops using automated screen scraping techniques
Web Data powering e-commerce

Mystery shoppers are so 2000 and late. Web data is the future of e-commerce.

We sat down with Charmagne Cruz from Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, to discuss how the online conglomerate uses public web data to drive forward the company’s success as well as carve out a large section of the Asian e-commerce market.
Qualitative data collection methods

Qualitative data collection methods

Quantitative pertains to numbers such as competitor product fluctuations, while qualitative pertains to the ‘narrative’ such as audience social sentiment regarding a particular brand. This article explains all the key differences between the two, as well as offering tools to quickly and easily obtain target data points
What is big data analytics

What is big data analytics

Big data analytics uses data collected at scale in order to ease the corporate decision-making process while yielding actionable, and monetizable insights. This post will walk you through the workflow
What is an ETL pipeline

What is an ETL pipeline

This guide will walk you through the Extraction, Transformation, and Loading stages of a typical business’s ETL data extraction pipeline. It includes an eCommerce use case that can help illustrate how an ETL pipeline can be implemented within the context of a day-to-day digital business workflow

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