Bright Data’s BackConnect Proxies

What is a backconnect proxy? Find out what they are and how to use them in this post
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Rotating proxies using a Backconnect proxy connector

What is a Backconnect proxy?

A Backconnect Proxy refers to a proxy server that uses a pool of residential proxies for random, continuous rotation.

What is a Backconnect Proxy used for?

A Backconnect proxy is required when extracting data in large quantities. It is also utilized when attempting to access sites that implement blocking techniques.

There are two main blocking techniques, IP-blocking, and Rate-blocking.

IP-blocking: flagging and blocking IP addresses that are from a data center or from forbidden geolocation.

Rate-Blocking: limiting the number of requests allowed, per IP, per minute.

Companies that extract web data for price comparison, market research, ad verification and more, need to overcome these common blockades and Backconnect proxies are the solution.

How does a BackConnect Proxy Overcome Common Blocking Techniques?

A BackConnect proxy is a proxy server that uses a pool of Residential IPs or Real-Peer IPs, meaning they are assigned from an ISP to a user. Residential IPs have all the characteristics of a real device in the country, city, ISP or even ASN required.

Utilizing real-IPs allows for easily overcoming IP based blocking techniques that deny datacenter IPs as well as specific geo-locations.

Rate-blocking is bypassed by using a BackConnect proxy pool and rotating proxies based on a specified number of requests. By ensuring no IP makes more than a certain number of requests (usually between 1-10) , rate-blocking techniques can be avoided in their entirety.

Bright Data’s BackConnect Proxy

Bright Data offers a BackConnect Proxy with the largest IP pool in the world! Rotate through over 72 million IPs across the globe in any and all geographical locations. Integrate through our Bright Data Proxy Manager or API, and control how your BackConnect Proxy pool acts with zero-coding required.

What you get by joining Bright Data’s proxy network:

  1. Your own personal Bright Data representative to set-up your account
  2. Access to the largest residential proxy network in the world
  3. 24/7 support no matter where you are
  4. We will match your first deposit of $20-250!

The advantages and disadvantages of BackConnect proxies

BackConnect proxy advantages 

The number one advantage of BackConnect proxies is that they automatically manage proxy request rotation. This helps make managing data collection jobs much more efficient, as well as enabling teams to run an increased number of concurrent requests. 

BackConnect proxies also help people overcome common targe site blockades such as rate limitations. Typically, a ‘client’ will be using one IP (his or her work computer) to send repeated requests for data from a target site (say the price of a competing product or service). This may work once, twice, or even ten times but at the end of the day most sites employ a defense mechanism called a ‘rate limitation’. This means that they pre-define the number of requests a certain IP can send to their site for information(say, 50) after which the IP is flagged as having ‘suspicious activity’. The website will then either completely block this IP from retrieving information or simply start feeding this IP incorrect data points to the requester without them even being made aware that this information is inaccurate. BackConnect rotates IP addresses ensuring that each request is made from a different source, ensuring smoother results. 

And lastly, BackConnect proxies help increase your network security, as well as your anonymity by adding a ‘middleman’ between yourself and your targets. 

BackConnect proxy disadvantages 

Some of the downsides of BackConnect proxies include the fact that they are more costly than other options, seeing as they provide considerable advantages. 
BackConnect proxies can also be slower than usual especially if you are trying to reach targets that have a significant geographical distance from the proxy’s server of origin. In this context, it is worth mentioning that utilizing a proxy provider that has Super Proxy Servers on every continent is extremely important when using BackConnect, as this significantly increases speed.