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Why Bright Data cut 10% of its Software Development Toolkit (SDK) partnerships

Shooting ourselves in the foot? Why we willingly killed 10% of our network

Bright Data believes in transparent and ethical practices, especially when it comes to dealing with users who make up its Residential peer network. To ensure compliance, we use advanced monitoring protocols and partner with top anti-virus companies. Sometimes, we make decisions which might seem a little crazy, like cutting out parts of our own network. That is what this post is about.
What is a private proxy

What is a private proxy

Private proxies offer better security, increased privacy, and a 99.9% success rate at a higher price. Shared proxies are considerably more cost-efficient options for target sites with simpler site architectures. This guide will help you understand the major differences whilst making the right choice for your business.
How to parse JSON data with Python

How to parse JSON data with Python

Here is your ultimate ‘quick, and dirty’ guide to JSON syntax, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough on ‘>>> importing json’ to Python, complete with a useful JSON -> Python dictionary of the most commonly used terms, making your life that much easier
Web data in 2022

Web Data Collection in 2022 – Everything you need to know

Not sure what web data is? Curious to learn how your company can benefit from data collection automation? Looking for new tools that can help you optimize, and streamline the data management cycle? Feel free to declare the end of your exhausting search, you have finally arrived. See answers to all your questions below
Choosing a proxy provider

What To Look for When Choosing A Proxy Provider?

Let’s have another take at this age-old yet ever-relevant question.
Never Get Blocked Again - Web Unlocker can unblock any website

Never Get Blocked Again

From eCommerce to public data monitoring, whatever your industry, you may encounter rate limitations on IPs, detection of User-Agents or IP geolocation-based blockages. Whatever the reason is, Web Unlocker offers a better, fully automated unblocking solution with a 100% success rate guaranteed
Ethical Compliance In Data Science_1

Ethical Compliance In Data Science

This article will walk you through the business imperatives of using pristine datasets as part of your company’s operations, what constitutes an ethical data collection network, as well as how real-time compliance, and code-based response mechanisms are leading the way
7 Steps for choosing the right data collection tool

3 Steps For Choosing The Right Data Collection Tool

Once you have a specific dataset in mind that you are targeting (i.e. organic weight loss journey social media posts), and your capabilities are clear (i.e. you do not have the technical personnel to perform in-house data collection) then choosing the right solution becomes very straightforward

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