TBT Throw Back Thursday – That Time Bright Data Was Called Luminati Networks

Businesses that are actively involved in data collection may get confused regarding our transition from ‘Luminati Networks’ to ‘Bright Data’. This article explains the rebranding, and what it means for current, and would-be customers
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TBT Throw Back Thursday - That Time Bright Data Was Called Luminati Networks

In this article we will discuss:

Humble beginnings 

When Luminati Networks was first founded back in 2014 we had one simple goal:

Easily accessible web transparency for all

The original idea of the internet was connecting people and making information more easily accessible. But in actuality, many individuals and businesses were finding it increasingly difficult to gain access to open-source information. This included the likes of:

  • Product pricing
  • Public records
  • Search engine trends

These types of datasets are crucial in order to enable our global economy to be truly open, enabling free trade, and the free-flowing exchange of ideas. Thus ‘Luminati’ was born, a ‘luminous’ peer-to-peer network that would shed light on all corners of the internet. 

Since our humble beginnings we have evolved into a full-service data collection network with fully automated options, ready-to-use data sets, and four types of proxy networks

A fresh start 

With 10,000+ customers using our data collection solutions to help power their businesses, as well as developing new industry-leading technologies, we felt that it was time to give our brand a ‘fresh coat of paint’. 

The name ‘Luminati’ served us well for a time but there were some unintended negative associations being made, such as with the ‘Illuminati’. This was an association with a clandestine, elite society, associations that represented the exact opposite of everything we stand for and wish to portray. 

And so ‘Bright Data’ was born. We are still committed to the same values that guided us when we originally founded the company. But Bright Data more accurately represents our goal of shedding light on harder-to-collect data, making our mission more immediately accessible to new, and existing customers. We view this rebranding as a natural part of the evolution of our brand, an action that takes us one step closer to who we want to be as a company. 

What this means for our customers 

The good news about this rebranding is that in practical terms it does not have any real effect on our usership. Our tools, and services will remain the same, as will our pricing scheme.

Bright Data is guided by:

  1. Innovation: Our product managers, and engineers are constantly working to develop new, cutting edge technologies. A good example of this is our Web Scraper IDE IDE, a platform that empowers you to build customized web data crawlers with zero infrastructure, a live preview and a real-time feedback loop. 
  2. Trust: We are committed to top of the line customer support as well as a pioneering KYC (Know Your Customer)-first approach that ensures legally compliant data collection networks. This includes, among other things, real-time use case monitoring, ensuring that all network activity is 100% ethical.   
  3. Transparency: Is part and parcel of our corporate culture which is why everything we do is open to the public. For example, our company’s DNA, which comprises our guiding principles, and values is available to the public online. 

The bottom line 

Luminati Networks has not ‘gone’ anywhere. It has been rebranded, and evolved into ‘Bright Data’ which is more clearly aligned with the value we strive to bring our customers. We will continue to bring innovative data collection, and unlocking technology to market, helping our partners build tailored solutions for new products, and markets.