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What Flavor Does Data Come In? This Is How The Culinary Scene Is Tapping Into Consumer Tastes

Menu monitoring, and recipe engagement tracking are just two examples of consumer/competitor-generated food-intelligence datasets enabling everything from market-specific consumer flavor trend analysis to the brand positioning of a new packaged food item
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Help! I Don’t Know Code, But I Want To Collect Data Off The Web (Hint: Use Bright Data + Integromat)

This post will introduce you to “low-code” development and its potential for empowering businesses with limited resources, including step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Bright Data with Integromat.
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Trying To Build Up Your Content Collaborations, And Backlink Profile? Data Can Help

Data-driven tactics are helping companies identify new opportunities, build cross-site content clusters, and a presence that your target audiences will find hard to ignore. From monitoring for ‘unlinked mentions’ to paving your own niche, this guide will open your eyes to a fresh content marketing approach.
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Analyzing The Colonial Fuel Pipeline Incident: How Data-Powered Cybersecurity Can Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), Data storage systems, Trojan horses, network segmentation, and preemptive data monitoring should all be part of a company’s data security strategy, helping you prevent costly inconveniences
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How Startups And Early-Stage Companies Can Use Social Media Data Collection To Get A Leg Up

Companies are now able to analyze social sentiment, and identify organic audience-based insights in a way that allows them to resonate with consumers, helping them find their unique product-market-fit
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How Marketers Can Create A More Effective, Agile Content Strategy Using A Data-Driven Approach

Start creating content that actually resonates, driving awareness, intent, and positive purchase decisions by collecting data, and iterating based on target audience search trends, and social sentiment, competitor ad campaigns, as well as current events, and web traffic data
how to make accurate data driven decisions

How To Make Accurate Decisions Based On Online Data

This post will givea you an overview on data-driven decision-making and tips you can use to get started.
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