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How to scrape customer reviews on different websites

Collecting product star ratings, search engine business reviews, and brand-specific social media posts are all helping businesses react to audience sentiment in real time. Learn how to start incorporating review data into your company.
How to use web data for a successful eCommerce holiday season

eCommerce datasets for the holiday season

Keep an eye on your competitors’ pricing, product inventory, and customer reviews using e-commerce Datasets. Boost your sales this upcoming holiday season.
Ecommerce: How web data is helping companies predict consumer behavior and market trends

Ecommerce: How web data is helping companies predict consumer behavior and market trends

Learn how to practically cross-reference Datasets such as the quantity of product reviews correlated with substantial consumer feedback, which can then be used to improve item quality and grab market share by highlighting this in marketing campaigns

The 9 biggest myths about web scraping

Web scraping gets a bad rap because it can be used for malicious purposes. But web scraping can also be used for good! In this blog post, we dispel some common myths about web scraping so you can see how this technique can be used for good

What is Data as a Service [DaaS]

Learn about the advantages of web-based data collection, such as reducing the need to maintain hardware/software in-house, as well as the challenges, which include implementing a data management strategy aimed at compartmentalizing and protecting classified company information

Bright Data launches analytical division ‘Bright Insights’ with acquisition of Market Beyond

Bright Data boosts its value with Bright Insights, delivering actionable intelligence and analytics in near real-time.

ISP proxies Vs. Residential Proxies: Understanding the difference once and for all

For those of you wondering: ‘Which proxy network is better for an increased number of concurrent requests?’, ‘How do network costs compare?’, ‘What unique advantages does each network type have?’, this complete guide was made expressly for you
Web scraping with PHP

Web Scraping with PHP: a Step-By-Step Guide

Learn how to easily create and program your own simple web scraper in PHP, from scratch.

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