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Real-time web data points for retail success

We sat down with Irwan Djoehana, founder of the retail competitive intelligence platform Retail Shake, to talk about how his company uses public web data to provide retailers with the tools they need to effectively monitor their market as well as their competition, and gather insights to help keep consumer attention focused on their products.
Why you need to start scraping Amazon now in order to grab serious market share

Why you need to start scraping Amazon now in order to grab serious market share

Whether your company is struggling to collect public web data from Amazon in a different geolocation or you are finding it tricky to navigate the marketplace’s changing site architecture, this guide offers an alternative to manual web scraping in the form of ready-to-use Amazon Datasets

How companies in the eCommerce space are using web data to get ahead of the pack

Retail has never been an easy industry – Online, companies are struggling with ‘data cloaking’, accessing GEO-specific data, understanding consumer social sentiment, and getting a real-time feed of competitor activity. Read on to see how industry mavericks are attaining above-average sales cycles
How data is being used to win customers in the travel sector

How travel companies use web data to win customers

Web Data allows companies to see travel market dynamics across regions, pricing, inventory, supply chains and consumer behavior. It tells what customers are doing, surfaces critical trends, and can even help anticipate what competitors will do next.
Three things to consider before choosing your proxy provider - A complete checklist

Buying proxies for web scraping. Pro tips to save on costs.

Learn the differences between the cost of proxies vs. the cost of data acquisition, how to optimize proxy integration/maintenance costs, as well as how to build a solution that will be relevant for years to come

Datacenter Proxies Vs. Residential Proxies: A deep dive comparison

‘How fast are the IPs?’; ‘How effective are they in circumventing target site blockades?’; ‘How unique are the IPs?’; ‘How many locations are available?’; ‘How costly are they to the end user?’ – All your questions answered.

How to use Java for web scraping in order to unlock mission-critical data points

Not sure which supporting tools to download to create an ideal Java environment for data collection? Is it unclear how to extract/parse data points from HTML , and then convert them into CSV format? This post will help set the record straight.

The #1 guide on how to bypass an IP ban in 2022

Learn how to change your MAC, use a VPN to change your IP address, clear your computer’s cache, as well as discovering tools and tips on how to use proxy solutions

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