All about Dedicated Residential Proxies

What’s The Deal With Dedicated Residential Proxies?

This guide will help you quickly understand the benefits of using a dedicated vs. shared residential proxy network so that you can get started collecting your target data today
Reasons Why Bright Data Is the BEST proxy service

4 Reasons Why Bright Data Is The Best Proxy Service

Still debating about which data collection tool to use? This quick guide will provide you with all the information you need in order to choose one of Bright Data’s business solutions with confidence
Fast5 Data Stories - Bright Data Blog Update

Data Stories Just In Time For Fall

Data Stories To Help You Get Ready For The Change Of Seasons. In this week’s update we explore Uber data, laser beamed data, data as innovation fuel, using data to make some tasks more fun, and a Lego explanation of data storytelling.
Guide for installing the Bright Data's Chrome Browser Proxy Extension

Quick Guide To Installing Bright Data’s Proxy Chrome Extension

Step-by-step guide to learn how to quickly toggle between geographies in order to manually verify ads, and other web content.
Buying Proxies How To

How To Buy Proxies From Bright Data

Ready to start collecting data but not sure which product is right for you? This guide will cover everything from real-time automated data collection solutions to pre-collected, ready-to-use datasets.
Dedicated proxies explained in how they are used and what for

What’s A Dedicated Proxy And Why Would Anyone Need One?

Read this guide to find out the advantages, and disadvantages of a Dedicated Proxy Versus a Shared Proxy. From pricing, and response time to success rates, and unblocking capabilities, we got you covered.
Why Luminati Networks Changed Name to Bright Data

Why We Changed Our Name From Luminati Networks To Bright Data

People are wondering about the reasons behind our rebranding. Here is the full guide to understanding what we were aiming to accomplish.
Differences between a proxy server and a proxy service?

What’s The Difference Between A Proxy Service And A Proxy Server?

A “proxy service” streamlines and automates your proxy networking and data collection, while a “proxy server” refers to the hardware that functions as a ‘middleman’ between end users and your target datasets. This guide will help you further understand the key differences.
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