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Browser Automation What it is and how your business can use it to hit a hole in one_'

Browser Automation: What It Is and How You Can Use It

Learn how your company can streamline its performance testing, link verification, and web data collection operations using ‘browser automation’

[Video] What 15 data analysts have to say about web data

More than fifteen data scientists, data engineers, MLOps engineers, and data analysts recently came together to talk about the latest challenges and opportunities in web data and why Bright Data’s solutions are a real game changer.
Scrapy Vs. Beautiful Soup: Which is the best choice for your business?

Scrapy Vs. Beautiful Soup: Which is the best choice for your business?

‘Beautiful Soup’ can help extract specific elements from a target web page, while ‘Scrapy’ can manage asynchronous data retrieval, increasing efficiency. Not sure which option is best suited to your business’s needs? This guide can help.
Structured vs unstructured data

Your Bible to Structured Vs. Unstructured data

Structured datasets have a uniform format and are ready to be analyzed, while unstructured data may contain duplicates or corrupted data files. This is your ultimate guide.
What is alternative data

What Is Alternative Data and How to Use It

Investment houses are monitoring social media, search engine, and consumer demand data, getting real-time alerts when companies in their portfolio are mentioned. Here’s how.

How corporate leaders are using web data to negotiate with the present business climate in order to create future wins

Learn how eCommerce inventory executives are making crucial product-market-fit decisions, while the head of legal at a music streaming company is leveraging metadata to protect against royalty infringements
How data is enabling increased equality for LGBTQ+ people

How web data is enabling increased equality for the LGBTQ+ community

From enabling better diversity hiring, and preventing cyberbullying, to helping companies understand community sentiment for advertising campaigns as well as tailoring offers – learn how your company can do better
How dating algorithms are using open source web data

How dating algorithms are using open source web data

User search engine journeys, as well as the public sharing of relationship milestones is helping companies in the matchmaking industry increase market share and profit margins. Here’s how.

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