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Using advanced data sets to sell rouge instead of lipstick online

Selling Lipstick Used To Be Easy, Now Cosmetic Brands Are Using Advanced Data Sets To Sell Rouge

As larger companies compete for market share in the beauty space, brands are increasingly turning to datasets like search engine trends, analyzing consumer critical mass geolocation, and offering customized products based on social media image analysis
How universities are reverse-engineering student journeys using data

How Universities Are Reverse-Engineering Student Journeys Using Data

Higher Education institutions are now leveraging open source data in order to enhance student journeys, create extraordinary learning experiences, and career paths as well as a means of standing out in an increasingly competitive space
How real-time e-commerce data has become essential for omnichannel retail solutions

The Cat’s Out Of The Bag: How Real-Time e-Commerce Data Has Become Essential For Holistic Retail Solutions

A conversation with Tim Lam, National Technology Director at Advantage Solutions, on what it takes to power one of the most popular e-commerce solutions on the market, and why it’s so critical for online retailers today.
Graphic comparing proxy networks vs in house data centers

Advantages Of Using A Proxy Network Over In-House Data Centers

Running everything on-premise might seem like the better choice, when in reality, it rarely is.
Internet Of Things IOT and cybersecurity and user privacy

Will The Shift Towards An Internet Of Things Approach By Big Tech Create A Modern Utopia Or Dystopia?

Shelves that interact with consumer grocery shopping lists, lighting up when a shopper is in proximity – check, using IoT devices as a first line of defense against hackers – check. But what about getting user opt-in consent before turning a brisk walk into a sprint?
scanning online to find 3rd party retailers that might be diluting your brand

Monitoring The Web For Third Party Retailer Activity Will Help You Maintain Your Brand’s Value

Maintaining brand uniformity, monitoring retailer marketing, and performing product-specific analytics using live datasets will help you prevent vendors from making unapproved product modifications as well as ensuring that your company is never misrepresented online
Data collection on fast moving consumer goods

A Data-Driven Approach Will Help Your Brand Evolve With The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Market

SMB’s annual value-driven growth rate is currently at ~45%, while more established brands are focusing their efforts on expanding margins, data-driven enterprises can adapt their current models to become more localized competitive driving forces, create an omnichannel presence, and start resonating with digital-native millennials.
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