Data Stories Just In Time For Fall

Data Stories To Help You Get Ready For The Change Of Seasons. In this week’s update we explore Uber data, laser beamed data, data as innovation fuel, using data to make some tasks more fun, and a Lego explanation of data storytelling.
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Now that the Autumn Equinox is behind us, it’s officially fall in the northern hemisphere. So put on a warm sweater and get ready to curl up by the fire with a hot cup of chocolate to read some fascinating data stories.

Be sure to join us next week for more Data Stories and check out last week’s Data Stories in case you missed it.

screen shot of the code Uber uses for Data Collection on their Rider App

Data That’ll Take You Back To Your Place

Uber’s Rider app has recently published how its data collection helps figure out how to get folks home faster using less clicks.

GIF of how Alphabets lasers will work to cross the congo river

Just Some Data With Freakin’ Laser Beams

Google understands how important data connections are, and they are building a system to cross the Congo River that uses laser beams to transmit data between any two given points.

Ron Kol CFO of Bright Data

Data Collection Is Fuel For Innovation

The phrase “knowledge is power” does not apply only to individuals but also to businesses. Individuals can learn life lessons from books, while businesses can benefit from a tool that helps them gather market insights. This is where web data collection comes into play.,7340,L-3917853,00.html

OnLoop which is using data to make performance reviews more fun

Putting The F-U-N Into Data FUNctions

Most companies are striving to use data for efficiency and streamlining, But OnLoop is using data to make dreaded tasks such as performance reviews more fun.

The 5 Data States Explained Using Lego

An excellent meme that has been making the rounds on Twitter and LinkedIn over the course of the last few weeks, that really drives home the various states of data collection, and implementation, illustrates how data helps create a narrative that resonates:

Data Stories meme - legos explaining how data can
Source: Twitter

That’s all for this week’s Data Stories. Be sure to come back next week for more.

Bright Data Staff - Blog Updates
Bright Data Staff | Writing Desk

Team responsible for getting out industry updates about data collection and proxy networks to our blog and to the world


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