How Web Data is Transforming Strategy

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CEO Brief - How Web Data is Transforming Strategy
Noah Kalson
Noah Kalson | Director of Brand Marketing


CEOs of industry leading companies are getting ahead of the curve by using publicly available web data as part of their business strategies. 

Public web data is now the largest reservoir of data in the history of humanity. With the right data collection tools companies collect commercial information, optimize pricing strategies, increase conversion, create actionable insights and clearly see their competitors from a consumer’s perspective. 

“Web data collection tools make data that was once out of reach easily accessible.”


  • Retail companies collect competitors pricing, inventory and product data in addition to user sentiment and seasonal promotions.
  • Travel companies aggregate data from hotel reservation sites and flight providers to ensure that they always have the best offers.
  • Insurance companies track regional traffic or healthcare statistics to identify and understand emerging risks and liabilities following the pandemic.

Companies collect key data points from the public web packaged in a format that seamlessly integrates with their existing data infrastructure. By incorporating web data collection tools, CEOs are able to allocate their developer resources to tasks that directly impact growth and in the end, the bottom line.


  1. Understand the scope. Think of Web Data as Super-Google for enterprise. It fundamentally enhances the way you think, understand and make decisions. 
  1. Bring the opportunity into focus. Brainstorm dream data points with your finance, operations, marketing and HR teams. What would they doif” they had the data… 
  1. Develop search queries. Be creative – Sam Walton counted cars in the parking lot to estimate the success of his Walmart stores. Today the answers are out there. The real skill is in formulating the right questions. 


  • PII and GDPR regulations can be a liability for companies collecting data. Working with a reputable data collection service ensures that only publicly accessible data is collected and used. 
  • Over 70% of online retail businesses already use public web data (source: because of the simplicity of its integration and automation. Stay ahead of the curve or your business may fall behind.   

As a CEO, you need to innovate in order to succeed. Web data can revolutionize your businesses pricing and R&D strategies through increased real-time insights while monitoring consumer sentiment on a global scale and responding to local demands.

The value of public web data is endless. 


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Noah Kalson
Noah Kalson | Director of Brand Marketing

Noah oversees the brand marketing strategy at Bright Data ensuring that all marketing initiatives reflect the brand's core values. Noah has a strong background in organic marketing which helped him develop a holistic approach to marketing, branding and communication.