Transparency in alt-data

New Finance Sector Survey Highlights Key Alt Data Integration Obstacles With 61% Citing Analysis Issues, And 53% Pointing To Sourcing Challenges

Learn how ‘data value chain augmentation’ is leading to higher ROI using razor-sharp data collection, and governance strategies, resulting in higher quality algorithmic output, insights, and investment decisions
Wifi world graphic

Biden’s Broadband-For-Every-American Infrastructure Plan Presents Big Opportunities For Corporate Data Collection

Broadband connectivity combined with real-time data collection has the power to reinvigorate the American economy with better user experiences, increased productivity, and a heightened sense of innovation
mobile proxy data collection from a smartphone

Data Is Enabling eCommerce Localization Based On Regional Customs, And Preferences

Consumer tastes differ based on culture, and real-time trends. Retailers who are ‘speaking the local language’ are able to penetrate target markets overseas, creating loyal customer bases with high sales volume.
Ethical Data Collection Ten Commandments

“The 10 Commandments Of Ethical Data Collection” (From A Technical Standpoint)

Ethical data collection has very concrete manifestations in terms of how a network operates on a day-to-day basis. Here’s what you need to look out for
Cybersecurity and Data Collection by Proxy

Cybersecurity Spotlight: What Questions Security And Business Leaders Need To Be Asking

Creating a more effective and targeted cybersecurity approach is crucial when running a business that can take risks, and achieve business goals while successfully maintaining defensible digital assets.
Wall Street Bets financial squeeze short on gamestop and how alt-data could be used to financially forecast better

What Lessons Wall Street Can Learn From ‘The Big – Short Squeeze’

Market volatility driven by Reddit’s Wall Street Bets proves why alt data is a must for institutional investors that want to survive
magnifying glass looking at social media profiles

The Ins-And-Outs Of Protecting Your Brand On Social-Media

Brand impersonation and manipulation via social media channels is widespread. This is a complete guide to practically combating unwanted social media entities
public data collection and parler getting scraped

How The ‘Parler Incident’ Highlighted The Social And Democratic Benefits Of Web Data Collection

In another social victory for democracy and social order, rioters who illegally broke into and vandalized the capitol may be able to be brought to justice thanks to public data collected from the insurrection’s collusion phase, and before the website was taken down by Google, Apple, and Amazon
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