opt-in and opt-out graphics over transparent background

What Automatic Organ Donation Opt-In Policies Can Teach Us About The Collective Benefits, And Risks Of Communal Device Networks

In light of Apple AirTag’s, and Amazon sidewalk’s debut, it is hard to ignore the possible similarities between the user network ‘opt-in’ / ‘opt-out’ debate, and organ donation – When it comes to tech, do the common benefits justify the collective price tag?
the rise of ESG data and how it impacts your business

Industry Survey: ‘Do Senior Executives Actually Care About ESG Data?’

80% of senior management admitted to using it as part of key business strategy decisions: Private Equity firms are using social sentiment to identify ESG value-add opportunities while asset managers are leveraging deforestation satellite imagery to help meet investor Sustainable Development Goals
puzzle pieces of the sharing economy - dormant devices that can be rented out

How Dormant Devices Can Power A New Digital Sharing Economy Paradigm Shift

Apple AirTags and Amazon Sidewalks’ shared networks are enabling us to generate, distribute, and consume digital resources. The question is: Do the benefits to consumers outweigh the possible risks?
Globe with users around the world to illustrate peer-to-peer networks

The Fastly Incident Shows Why Classic Load Balancing Systems Could Benefit From A Distributed Peer-To-Peer Approach

Companies dealing with load-bearing distribution challenges can start utilizing decentralized P2P data technology in order to improve network stability, and perform operational load-bearing testing
Proxy tool for SEO and link building and collecting data on competitors

Trying To Build Up Your Content Collaborations, And Backlink Profile? Data Can Help

Data-driven tactics are helping companies identify new opportunities, build cross-site content clusters, and a presence that your target audiences will find hard to ignore. From monitoring for ‘unlinked mentions’ to paving your own niche, this guide will open your eyes to a fresh content marketing approach.
Cybersecurity against ransomware attacks light blue header graphic

Analyzing The Colonial Fuel Pipeline Incident: How Data-Powered Cybersecurity Can Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), Data storage systems, Trojan horses, network segmentation, and preemptive data monitoring should all be part of a company’s data security strategy, helping you prevent costly inconveniences
Social Media Data Collection gentle blue tones header graphic

How Startups And Early-Stage Companies Can Use Social Media Data Collection To Get A Leg Up

Companies are now able to analyze social sentiment, and identify organic audience-based insights in a way that allows them to resonate with consumers, helping them find their unique product-market-fit
Blue graphic of on-demand VTOL drone bringing a package

How On-Demand eVTOL Aircraft Deliveries May Shape The Future Of Digital Retail

Innovative delivery methods could drive new business models such as shopping-on-demand, opening up rural markets, and doing away with ‘last-leg warehousing’
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