The Iron Analyst - Battle Of The Masters

The Iron Analyst - Battle Of The Masters

2022 | 17m 37s | Data Analysis & Visualisation

Seven data professionals gear up to analyze and visualize one of the largest and robust datasets out there to win the title - The Iron Analyst!

Meet the HOSTS

Ken Jee
Data Science &
Sports Analytics Scouts Consulting Group

Analysis and Insight - Presentations

Data Science Tool Comparator - Luke Barousse

Luke ran an in depth analysis using data collection tools Python vs. R, SQL vs. XLS, and Tableau vs. Power BI. 1:42

Dynamic Visualisations - Shashank Kalanathi

Shashank filtered through a heavy dataset to map out and visualize location based job data using an open source API. 6:23

Data Job Dashboard - Zach Wilson

Zach maps out the data jop postings from the full dataset and creates a dashboard listing skills, requirements, demand and more. 3:36

Segmentaion & Visualisation - Hunter Kempf

Hunter narrows down the datased based on keywork idenrifiers and creates uniqe visualisations to explain the data. 4:12

Location Drilldown - Mark Freeman

Mark uses advance filters to identidy data related jobs and shows which cities have the most opportunities for data analysts. 2:50

Identify Opportunity - Keith Galli

Keith integrates job data with an open source mapping API in order to find cities with the most opportunities for jobs (Remote Oregon?). 3:55

Date Structure & Word Clouds - Avery Smith

Avery ploughs his way through mounds of unemployment data in order to identify corelations in job postings. 5:08

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Learn More - Full Analysis Videos

Learn more about how our analysist tackled their dataset and turned data into actionable insights.
Follow these videos to learn from their though process and data anlysis skills. If they can take on a full dataset so can you, the data is out there now it’s in your hands.

Luke Barousse Data Science Tool Comparator


Shashank Kalanathi Dynamic Visualisations


Keith Galli Identify Opportunity


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