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Data Stories update from late October 2021
Late October Data Stories
Bright Data Staff - Blog Updates
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Early mornings are just so refreshing this time of year. The weather is changing. The leaves are falling off the trees. And the incoming streams of data just keep getting more interesting. Here is this weeks gust of data stories.

Check out last week’s data stories and be sure to check in next week for more updates.

spooky data - pumpkins and halloween stats

Spooky Data – Best places to spend Halloween

Forget about trying to find the neighborhoods that hands trick-or-treaters full-sized Snicker bars. Here’s the data on best places to celebrate Halloween


Numbers and storytelling

Data Storytelling – Numbers don’t lie, but they do sorta fib sometimes

While numbers don’t lie, they can certainly be misleading. This highlights the importance of data storytelling and the dangers of only focusing on raw data.


fraud bots going undercover - hand on inside screen

Fraud Fighting Bots Go Undercover

So seems that the solution to fraud bots is anti-fraud bots.


make every coffee excellent

Double Shot of Data

Collecting data about everyone’s coffee is a classical statistical exercise. Someone may have taken it way too seriously.


Thing about this: Everything you see online at some point passes thru these submarine cables:

That’s it for this week’s Data Stories. See you all next week

Bright Data Staff - Blog Updates
Bright Data Staff | Writing Desk

Team responsible for getting out industry updates about data collection and proxy networks to our blog and to the world


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