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Collecting Online Data using Browser without any proxy services

How To Collect Online Data Without Using Proxies

When you want to collect data from the web, how necessary is it to utilize proxies? In this article, we will discuss the different non-proxy web data extraction methods
Rotating IPs as part of using proxies for data collection

How To Rotate An IP Address

Learn how you can rotate your IP easily with no coding required for reliable data collection using proxies.
large header graphic with the famous 404 error code in big splashy font

Proxy Error Codes And How To Overcome Them

HTTP status codes: Why you are receiving them and how to combat them
fastest data center IP proxy network

Bright Data’s Datacenter IPs – Faster Than Ever!

We now provide our customers with the fastest proxies on the market – allowing them to get the job done for many use cases
retail game changer of using proxy networks for data collection

Proxy Networks: The Retailing Game Changer of 2020

What you need to know to keep your competitive advantage online
VPN vs Proxy service

When Should A Business Move From A VPN To A Proxy Service?

VPNs and proxy servers work well in a business environment, but which one should you use and when? Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision
using data to fight bots and click fraud

What’s Ad-Fraud And Do I Fight It?

The billion dollar ad fraud industry is only growing, do you know what it entails or how to combat it? Find out more in this blog post
Fingerprint blocking in data collection and web scraping

Your Fingerprints Are Blocking You – Here’s How To Solve This

The 5 ways your fingerprints are blocking you.
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