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Real Estate data collection blog post

How Big Data Is Transforming Real Estate

The way in which we collect and use big data in the real estate industry, can help or harm professionals in terms of understanding the market and consumer behavior.
pros and cons of building your own automated data collection tools and infrastructure or buying

Data Parsing: The Pros And Cons Of Buying VS. Building Your Own Software

This guide will walk you through the basics of data parsing, and its applications as well as helping you decide between developing a solution in-house vs. outsourcing these tasks using a paid third-party solution.
Chrome browser and web scraping to data collection

User-Agents For Web Scraping 101

Using the correct user agent when performing data scraping tasks is crucial to your success in collecting your target data while avoiding being blocked. This is the only guide you will need to get started.
Differences between web scraping and web crawling or indexing

What Is The Difference Between Web Crawling And Web Scraping?

This article will help you match your use case to the correct data collection methodology as well as understanding the key advantages and challenges of each option.
data collection after the covid 9 pandemic for ecommerce

Consumer Shopping Data That Will Help You Drive Sales On Black Friday (US and UK)

Online retailers are hungry for statistics that will help them maximize profits this holiday season – this exclusive market report offers real-time market data and actionable insights
collecting data as an SaaS such as streaming services Netflix and Disney+

Data Lessons SaaS Businesses Can Learn From Netflix

While many SVODs (Subscription Video on Demand) spend countless dollars on marketing and content library building, new data sheds light on what entertainment-seekers truly care about
Ethical Data Collection Scales of Justice blue background graphic

Your Data Won’t Serve You For Long If It Was Collected Unethically

This article will give you practical tools and guidelines so your company can build solid data foundations and not a house of cards.
Web Scraping Guide - Scraping a website for data collection

The Ultimate Guide on How to Scrape a Website and Bypass Any Website Blocks

A practical guide that will help you understand the most common data crawling blocks and how to best overcome them.
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