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Welcome to another edition of Weekly Data Stories. Keeping you updated on interesting stories told by data from around the web, and the world.

This week we explore global warming, sneaker bots, buy-bots for rent, and some surprising data about what attributes popular pieces of music share.

Be sure to check us out again next week for more weekly Data Stories.

data collection and global warming climate change data

That Time Faulty Data Collection Almost Ruined Our Planet
Various ways that the EPA collected data from major industries created multiple gaps which eventually impacted the amount of pollution we all breathe.


got 'em sneaker bots that will find the sneakers you want to buy and get them for you

Everything You Wanted To Know About Sneaker Bots But Were Afraid To Ask
It’s a brave new world that our feet live in, and using bots to buy shoes is part of all that now, apparently. 


Renting Out A Bot To Buy Stuff You Don’t Really Need
PC Mag rented a bot to buy some graphics cards and we are all worried about the future now.


Surprise Beats
Musical data collected over the decades shows people prefer a “harmonic surprise” in the beats, especially when you compare hit singles over the last 60 years.


Race For The Most Olympic Medals (GRAPH)

It was a real close race right up to the end.

Data collected on the daily results of medals won by China VS the United States to show how the aggregate lead was a close and tense race all the way up to the final day of the 2021 Olympics

Source: Reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful

That wraps it up for this FAST5 Update. See you next week!

Bright Data Staff - Blog Updates
Bright Data Staff | Writing Desk

Team responsible for getting out industry updates about data collection and proxy networks to our blog and to the world


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