Gartner Recognizes Bright Data’s Data Collection Contributions In The Fight Against COVID-19

Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks) has made paramount data contributions to leading medical institutions as part of efforts to halt the spread of this deadly pandemic.
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DISCLAIMERPlease note that the information published on the Bright Data blog is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Bright Data accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the medical information on this website, and we make no guarantee that this webpage is free of inaccuracies. We are not medical doctors and recommend consulting the FDA, CDC, or WHO for accurate COVID19-related information.

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati Networks) is proud to be recognized alongside 132 other leading global companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook Marketplace, among others, that were recognized by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, for offering free technological services to those fighting on the front lines of this health crisis to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Technology as a whole, and data in particular are key components in saving lives during the global coronavirus outbreak. It is for this reason that at the height of this pandemic, Bright Data offered its data collection platform for free to researchers, research institutes, hospitals, universities and other responders on the ground, as well as in a joint project with Assuta Hospital and Rafael Advanced Technology to help develop a test for early COVID-19 detection.

We sincerely appreciate being included on this esteemed list compiled by Gartner and are delighted that we could help very worthy causes. Ever since the start of the pandemic, it has been of vital importance to our company to do all we can to help contain the coronavirus. Our innovative technology allowed us to collect information through data which was of great use to the teams working to slow the spread of the virus. We will continue developing innovative technologies for all purposes and our work with research and educational institutes to benefit the public good.

Or Lenchner, Bright Data, CEO

Joint COVID-19 initiatives aim to solve key challenges

When the pandemic first broke out, we quickly realized that our patented technology could serve as a key component in lifesaving research and initiatives. The ability to collect live, structured data sets would prove invaluable to initiatives wanting to leverage data for remote testing, social distancing and immediate response projects.

Diagnostics: Unleashing the power of mobile devices

As part of Sprint COVID-19, an initiative kickstarted by one of Israel’s leading medical institutions, Assuta Hospital, Bright Data played a central role in an important mobile diagnostics initiative. Using its Web Scraper IDE capabilities, Bright Data tapped into its network in order to identify smartphones and watches capable of testing blood oxygen levels as an early indication of coronavirus infection. The data now helps in developing methods for remote diagnosis as well as early diagnosis for the medical community.

Data collected as part of this initiative also allowed researchers to identify 17% of global smartphone owners as having a device in their possession carrying the Sp02 sensor used for early detection. Overall 110 smartphone and 165 smartwatch models were identified as capable of conducting these critical oxygen level tests.

Social distancing: Making data-informed shopping choices

A second, notable project which Bright Data’s data capabilities played a central role in, is an initiative led by the Canadian GrocerCheck . As we all know, there is no coronavirus vaccine at present, which has driven most countries to revert to the historic practice of social distancing. But no matter how important it is to stay home, many people need to leave the house at some point or another to do basic shopping. This initiative incorporates live data collected by Bright Data on how crowded a given business is with a mobile/web – based interface, allowing shoppers to make better choices about visiting shops that are overcrowded. The importance of the live data component in the context of crowdsourcing cannot be overstated in our collective effort to halt the spread of the virus.

Predictive tech: Identifying new outbreak locations

The third collaboration I want to mention is Tenfourwest’s COVID-19 response project. The challenge in this case was being able to identify where the next outbreak would occur. The solution was utilizing Bright Data’s live, geospatial data targeting capabilities in order to pinpoint new outbreaks, and deploy teams to contain the spread of the virus in real-time. The data is extremely precise, allowing first responders to hone in on outbreaks in a specific square mile radius. One concern pertaining to this initiative was maintaining individuals’ privacy which was solved using the highest level of personal data protection protocols. The response project has experienced success throughout the state of Florida and has its eye on extending operations across the U.S.

Technology can help shape the future in a meaningful way

We see it as our mission to use our technological, and live-data capabilities for the betterment of humanity, especially during trying times such as the coronavirus crisis.
It’s important that we continue to innovate, and address every possible challenge the medical, academic, and business communities are currently facing in an ever-evolving reality. It is for this reason that we are calling on any and all initiatives who can benefit from live, structured data sets, to contact, and partner with us. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to make this world a little bit better, a little bit safer, and a little bit more data-driven.