Ethical Data Practices – The Bright SDK Way

Bright Data is the pioneering force behind Bright SDK, a specialized toolkit that serves as a bridge between cutting-edge app monetization and ethical data practices.

What sets Bright SDK apart is its focus on clear user consent and compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA. This dual emphasis on performance and ethics exemplifies Bright Data's dedication to being a trusted, transparent partner in your data journey.

What is Bright SDK

Bright SDK enables public WEB data collection from public internet sites through the creation of peers (partners).
These partners represent individual instances of the SDK on users' devices, assisting in the collection of publicly available web data while upholding user privacy.

Peers (partners) are the components of Bright Data's SDK responsible for collecting public web data. Our partners must provide consent (opt-in) for the SDK to operate on their devices. This approach prioritizes user choice, transparency, and privacy compliance while enabling valuable data collection for various applications.

By integrating our SDK, app developers can unlock a new revenue stream without altering the user experience. When partners give their consent, the SDK automatically utilizes idle resources within the app. This not only rewards partners with specific advantages but also offers a sustainable monetization model for developers. Every step requires explicit partner approval, ensuring transparency and trust.

Full Consent from our partners

Our partners willingly choose to be part of the Bright Data Network, sharing idle device resources in return for a smoother, ad-free app experience. Every individual part of our residential network has voluntarily opted in and can choose to opt out whenever they wish, guaranteeing that all interactions with Bright Data are consensual.

For more details on how consent is managed within our SDK, please visit our SDK Consent and Privacy page.


Bright SDK - Transparency and Trust Are Our Ethical Pillars

Bright SDK is committed to full transparency in our data practices, offering a clear view of how data is collected, utilized, and safeguarded. With a focus on industry-leading compliance norms and regulations like GDPR and CCPA, we ensure that all data is handled with the integrity it deserves. 

Every usage of our SDK is reviewed by our Compliance and Ethics, Security, and Partner teams to validate and ensure ethical use of our SDK according to our industry-leading standards and guidelines. Only approved apps can be published and used as part of our network.

Explore the complex path of data collection, from sourcing to network foundations, as we uphold transparency at every juncture. Transparent view of Residential IP sourcing

For any further information

For more insights into how Bright Data's SDK functions, along with answers to common queries, visit our comprehensive FAQ page for end users. If you have specific questions or need assistance, our dedicated SDK team is always ready to help.
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