Bright SDK: Ethical Monetization and Data Privacy

At Bright Data we see our network of partners as our most valued asset. Through the dedicated use of the Bright SDK (Software Development Kit), we ethically source Residential and Mobile IPs, prioritizing the protection and trust of our partners. The SDK, a result of our significant investment in research, auditing, and updates, seamlessly integrates within a range of applications and devices while placing the utmost importance on user consent, privacy, and security. Every user's trust is crucial to us, and we consistently strive to uphold these values throughout our network.

Full Consent from our partners

Our partners willingly join the Bright Data Network, choosing to share their idle IP resources from mobile devices /Smart TVs/PCs and more in return for an ad-free or complimentary application experience. Every partner connected to our residential network has consciously opted in, with the liberty to opt-out whenever they wish. This guarantees that their involvement with the Bright Data Network arises from a fully informed decision.

Experience Unmatched Security: Protecting Our partners is Our Priority

Bright Data is unwaveringly committed to the safety of our partners. At the heart of our mission is the dedication to their protection. Leveraging our advanced infrastructure, we adhere to rigorous internal protocols, undergo continuous testing, and commission frequent external audits. This comprehensive approach strengthens security across all our Applications.

Collaboration with renowned security companies plays a pivotal role in reinforcing our network's defenses. By partnering with these experts, we maintain the highest levels of safety, ensuring user protection and the integrity of our network.

See how we align our security & compliance standards with the industry leading security companies standards.

No Collection of End-User Data

Bright Data prioritizes the protection of our partner's data, working diligently according to our strict SDK privacy policy in line with global data protection standards. The Bright SDK focuses solely on the IP addresses and does not gather any user data or personal information upon opting in or during the tenure of the peer within the Bright Data Network. In adherence to relevant regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, we maintain strict data privacy measures. This dedication to data privacy ensures users can engage with the network with full confidence, knowing their personal information remains untouched and in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Joining Forces for Data Excellence: Our Global App Network

Bright Data has established a network of state-of-the-art proprietary Applications like BRight which is supporting a positive environmental change by sharing users’ resources and EarnApp which allows users to earn money by sharing their unused internet bandwidth. Each of these Applications compensates partners for utilizing their resources. Together, these Applications create a global network of millions of consenting users, enabling the retrieval of vital public web data both stably and efficiently.

For any further information

Feel free to check out our FAQ page for end users, or contact our SDK team.