Usage monitoring and filtering

Setting your use case

In our proxy services, a 'vertical' refers to a specific category or area of operation that our clients choose to operate within. This categorization is based on the use case of our clients.
For example, a vertical might be related to e-commerce, social media, market research, or any other domain where our proxies are utilized.

Each vertical comes with its own set of approved and unapproved websites. This classification is crucial for ensuring that our network is used efficiently and in compliance with our guidelines.

Monitoring and Filtering alignment

When you apply for access to our Residential network, part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure involves determining your operational vertical. This helps us provide you with the most effective and compliant service possible.

Handling usage alerts

Our system monitors domain requests to ensure they align with the client's declared vertical. This is not just a measure of efficiency; it's also a compliance issue. We have a responsibility to ensure that our network is used in a manner that aligns with our policies and the agreed-upon use cases.


In the event of any discrepancies or unusual patterns, our system is designed to flag these instances for further examination. This proactive approach helps us maintain the integrity of our network and support our clients in adhering to the best practices of web use.

What Happens When You Deviate from Your Vertical?   

Our advanced system will notify us when there's notable traffic to domains outside your specified vertical. This prompts a thorough investigation by our compliance team.

Please understand that venturing into domains beyond your vertical isn't necessarily a breach of policy. However, it does initiate a review process. We aim to confirm that all activities align with the intended use of our network and adhere to our compliance standards. We take every case seriously, communicating with our customers and taking appropriate actions based on the outcome of our review.

Explore Our Classification System

To better understand how our verticals are structured and what each classification entails, we invite you to visit our dedicated Classification webpage.

You can read more about our Acceptable Use Policy to learn more about the different unapproved uses of our network.