Secure Your Data

Ensuring Data Security

Bright Data oversees data for more than 15,000 global organizations. We recognize the paramount importance of safeguarding their data and are dedicated to offering a secure and dependable environment. Our security framework and measures adhere to international standards and industry-leading practices, including ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, CSA STAR Level 1, and best practices.

Our Robust Infrastructure
In our commitment to safeguarding your data, we utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) with multiple Availability Zones, ensuring uninterrupted service availability. Additionally, we’ve implemented a disaster recovery site and essential backups. Our data center incorporates top-tier physical and environmental security measures, creating a resilient infrastructure for your data’s protection. For detailed insights into our security practices, please refer below.

Securing Applications: Our Multi-Layered Approach

At Bright Data, we prioritize application security with a multi-layered strategy. Our controlled CI/CD process encompasses end-to-end testing and unit testing, specifically addressing authorization aspects and more. To stay current with secure development best practices, our developers undergo regular security training.

Data Encryption for Enhanced Security

At Bright Data, we prioritize data encryption:

  • Data in transit is shielded using TLS 1.3 with advanced cipher suites, with support for at least TLS 1.2.
  • User data is securely encrypted at rest and in transit throughout our infrastructure,
  • Utilizing AES-256 or superior encryption.
  • Credentials are fortified through modern hashing techniques, including salting for added security.

External Audits and Rigorous Penetration Testing

At Bright Data, your security is paramount. We undergo annual penetration tests, including both application and infrastructure levels, conducted by reputable independent auditors.

We adhere to stringent global standards and regulations, for Information Security Management. International standards Such as the ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, and more guide our information security practices, validated through third-party audits, resulting in relevant certifications.

Bug Bounty Program

Bright Data maintains a managed private bug bounty program, allowing security researchers from around the world to ethically and responsibly research and disclose security vulnerabilities to our Security Team.

Physical Security

Bright Data is a cloud-based solution, Our physical security in the offices includes personal identification-based access control, CCTV, and alarm systems.

Robust Disaster Recovery and Secure Backups

Bright Data prioritizes uninterrupted service. We perform encrypted backups of user data every few minutes, distributed across multiple locations.

Annually, we rigorously test our Disaster Recovery Plan, ensuring its efficacy and team preparedness for potential service interruptions. Your data’s safety is our constant commitment.

Security Awareness and Training

Bright Data understands that its security is dependent on its employees. Therefore, all our employees undergo thorough information security and privacy awareness training during onboarding and on a monthly basis. Further security training is provided on an annual basis. Training includes tests for completion. Additionally, all employees must sign our non-disclosure agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, etc.

Stringent Access Control for Data Privacy

Bright Data values your data’s privacy and confidentiality. Our routine user access reviews uphold the principle of least privilege, guaranteeing proper permissions. Employee access rights are promptly updated with employment changes, ensuring strict control over your data.