Bright Data’s Unique 'Know Your Customer' Approach and Industry-Leading Compliance Standards

At Bright Data, our commitment to compliance, ethics, and security is exceptional. Our robust ‘Know Your Customer’ process places real-time compliance and user validation at its core, ensuring the creation of a network that prioritizes safety and ethics.

Emphasizing Real-time Compliance

New users of Bright Data's network are meticulously vetted through our Know Your Customer process, to ensure their use case is compliant, legal, and ethical. This not only guarantees the best service but also maintains the integrity of the network. The company invests significant effort into real-time monitoring, being on the lookout for any activity that doesn't align with the customer's declared use case.

Unveiling the Impressive Compliance and Due Diligence

Bright Data is committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance and ethics. Our team of compliance professionals comprises some of the best in the industry and is deeply committed to upholding the principles of privacy, data ethics, and transparency. The team operates in a unique environment and goes above and beyond to ensure thorough due diligence.

New customers undergo a vetting process, encompassing live video identity verification and a personal review by an experienced compliance officer who actively oversees the customer, the account, and the use case, ensuring a seamless alignment between the declared intentions and actual usage.

Additionally, our commitment extends beyond just our compliance team. We invest in comprehensive training across the entire company, ensuring every individual understands and respects the significance of data privacy and ethical standards. Through this holistic approach, we make sure that the very essence of compliance is ingrained in every fiber of our organization.

For example,  our sales team is not just about facilitating transactions; they're our first line of defense against unapproved use cases, playing a critical role in ensuring that our values are never compromised.

Highlighting the Role of an Independent Compliance Department

Bright Data's proactive compliance team, is a global, multidisciplinary group that diligently handles every KYC procedure. Committed to safeguarding our network, ensuring ethical data collection, and fostering transparency, this team is on the frontlines of investigating, warning, and blocking suspicious customers. They tirelessly enforce the company's policies to guarantee sustainable services for all our customers while upholding the integrity of our partners and the broader web landscape. Compliance, ethics, and trust are not just principles; they are our promise.

Revealing the Specific Use Cases and Rejection Rates

Bright Data prioritizes ethical and legal guidelines, leading us to strictly prohibit specific use cases, such as those linked to adult content, gambling, cryptocurrency, and more (Unapproved use cases). Our acceptable use policy is rigorous, and we consistently navigate the challenges posed by customers attempting to leverage our services in non-compliant ways.

To ensure the integrity of our network, we require every potential customer to provide a detailed account of their intended use case before any access is granted. Due to our rigorous standards and unwavering commitment to compliance, we reject or suspend requests from hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of customers annually. Often, this is because their intended uses don't match our values or they raise potential legal issues.

For more information about our KYC procedure, visit our KYC FAQ page