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  • Structured Google Search data, delivered in the format you need (JSON,HTML)
  • API supported with multiple code languages
  • Free playground to build and practice searches
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with multiple devices


countries, city-level targeting

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Your all-in-one Google Search API for any type of structured search data

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How to leverage Google Search API

Keyword Rank Tracker

Mapping a company's ranking for various keywords in different locations

Brand Protection

Track top results for company brands and trademarks

Price Comparison

Search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors

Market Research

Collect information about companies, contacts, locations and more

Detect Copyright Infringements

Reverse image search & detect other copyright‐protected content

Ad Intelligence

See which ads are showing for keywords in different countries including (double‐click & Google ad services)

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Google Search results data at your fingertips for all search parameters

  • Various search types
  • Supports all languages
  • Geolocation targeting (+city level)
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Pagination supported

What makes Google Search API the Unrivaled Choice

100% Location Accuracy

Get an accurate reflection of what a real user sees

Real-Time Results

Get real-time and accurate Google SERP data

Customized Data Delivery

Structured Google Search data, delivered in JSON,HTM


Exceptional response time in under 5 seconds

Pay Upon Success

You will only pay for successful requests

Reduce Costs

Save money on data extraction and server maintenance

Why developers prefer Bright Data's Gogle Search API

  • Highest quality data
  • Largest GEO coverage
  • Best network uptime
  • Fastest output

Best Performance

The highest success rate in the industry


Non-stop Innovation

New feature releases every day

Most Reliable

Enterprise-grade scaling

Google Search API FAQ

Bright Data Google Search API automatically scrapes public data from Google’ search engine. Google is constantly changing it’s SERP structure and algorithms. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP or SERPs) are also dynamic, meaning the results you see will depend on various factors like your search history, device, and location.

  • Gather Accurate Data: Our residential network provides the absolute truth by gathering SERP data as a real-user.
  • Reduce Costs: Save money on data extraction engineers and IT professionals without worrying about server maintenance.
  • Adaptable: Easily integrated into all 3rd party crawler software.
  • Avoid Operational Headaches: Each request is sent from a different IP ensuring no IP is flagged or banned.
  • Built For Volume: Bright Data can support your growing traffic needs and peak periods.

Bright Data’s Google SERP API enables you to get real user search results from all major search engines using different search parameters, in real-time and with the highest success rates.

  • High success rates, regardless of your requests volume.
  • You will only pay for successful requests.
  • Exceptional response time under 5 sec.
  • Use different location parameters to automatically target a suitable peer to get a better understanding on how different location and time change the search results.
  • Get responses in JSON or HTML format for easy integration with any system
  • Use different search types to get the data you require.
  • Use different devices for a more accurate search.
  • ASYNC requests
  • send your requests with a unique ID, no delays and receive results in a batch.

When you run the Google Search API, there is a background process responsible to send you back real user results in response.
You can test out what it would be like to perform a local search in our free SERP playground.

There is no special price for Google Search API. Visit the SERP pricing page for more information.

Google Search API supports a wide variety of tailored search parameters, including the number of results displayed per page, language, geolocation, time range, safe mode, etc. You may search for various types of data such as:
text, shopping, search by image, videos, maps, news, jobs, images, hotels, trends.

Yes,you can use the Google Search API for rank tracking. To learn more about leveraging SERP data, read our SERP & SEO use case

A proxy network is important for web scraping because it allows the scraper to remain anonymous, avoid IP blocking, access geo-restricted content, and improve scraping speed.

There are two modes to collect SERP data: synchronous and asynchronous requests:
Synchronous requests are direct: When you send a request, you’ll get the response in real-time

Asynchronous requests: When you send requests without waiting for the responses, and get ‘response IDs’ in return. We will store the responses for 24 hours from the time the request was sent. You can collect the responses at your convenience via API command or Webhook.

You focus on your business. We’ll get you accurate Google Search data