Google Shopping
Scraper API

  • Scrape product, price, seller & reviews data from Google Shopping from any location in the world
  • Receive public Google Shopping data you need easily in HTML or JSON
  • Collect public Google Shopping data on autopilot without managing proxies yourself
Google shopping scraper
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Get any public data points off Google Shopping, effortlessly

Product name
Product Name
Product price
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Product ID
Ratings & reviews
Google Shops API

How to expand your business with
Google Shopping Scraper API

  • Market research powered by public data on products hitting the market, competitors, reviews, and to find new opportunities for growing your business
  • Product matching & research – ensure you have the latest products & stay on top of what’s hot to develop new ones
  • Refine strategies with data on your competitors’ product offers
  • Conduct price monitoring
  • Lead generation – search for new sellers
  • Brand protection – ensure correct brand usage & identify counterfeits

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Google Shopping Scraper API

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Best network uptime
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