The Bright Data Top Products Lineup

Here is a breakdown of 3 unique products that can each offer you a tailored solution to your current business challenges – from Web Scraper IDE that fully automates processes to Web Unlocker that automatically manages anything related to unblocking the data you need, from retries, User-Agents, fingerprints and anything else needed, and Search Engine Crawler which gives you access to real-time search data. You are bound to find a solution that suits your needs
Bright Data Top Products Lineup
Aviv Besinksky
Aviv Besinsky | Product Manager

In this article we will discuss our top products, and how they can best serve your business including:

Web Scraper IDE 

Web Scraper IDE is a unique product in the industry in that it is one of the only tools out there that can put your company’s data collection efforts on autopilot. What really puts this product ‘on the map’, so to speak, is its ability to collect public data in seconds, with the ability to juggle large amounts of simultaneous requests. Another great feature for agile projects and dynamic budgets is the ability to pause and reinitiate live data collection jobs. 

Top product features 

The features that really make this product stand out include:

  • Zero in-house infrastructure required
  • Eliminates any need for dedicating personnel to data collection projects
  • Data collection is flexible and scalable based on your project needs
  • Adapts to real-time changes, and blockades to ensure you always gain access to your target datasets
  • Collects live data points as they are being generated my consumers, and target audiences
  • The datasets that are delivered are ready-to-use in your format of choice e.g. API, Webhook, Amazon S3 bucket etc

How it works

Step one: Depending on your target site and data, you can choose from an existing data collector, ask us to build you a customized one, or build your own using our IDE

Step two: You decide on your delivery preferences such as how often you want data collected and delivered as well as in what format (Webhook, email, Amazon S3, etc)

Step three: Your target data is delivered directly to your teams or designated algorithms in a ready-to-use format (JSON, CSV, Excel, etc)

Web Unlocker 

This is an extremely powerful website unblocker tool with a 100% success rate. With the click of a button, you send a request and can unblock your toughest target sites with zero technical know-how. What sets this tool apart is its capability to constantly identify and adapt itself to new and ever more sophisticated blocking techniques. It manages everything from fingerprints, and User-Agents to request headers/retries, as well as IP rotations.  

Top product features 

  • Content verification: Our systems validate the content you are being delivered using parameters such as request timing, and data types in order to ensure that it is accurate, and reliable. 
  • Environment emulation: For example, at the OS/HW level, it will emulate device enumeration, screen resolution, memory, cpu, etc
  • Request management: Meaning our algorithms always find the settings that will offer you the highest success rates on a per-domain basis, resolving obstacles such as CAPTCHAs 

How it works

Getting started is very easy and straightforward. You start by creating a request and then our technology takes care of the rest. Your request may look something like this:

curl -k –proxy lum-customer-<id>-zone-<zone_name>-unblocker:<password>

Here is a quick breakdown of your request journey:

  1. You send a query to Web Unlcoker
  2. This gets fed into the Web Unlocker algorithm which modifies the request headers and protocols as needed 
  3. This in turn gets sent to one of our ‘Super Proxies’ located on every continent in close proximity geographically to your target site
  4. The Super Proxy routes the request to one of our four proxy infrastructure networks in order to get you the most efficient result (i.e. an option that will have the highest chances of success at the best rate possible).
  5. A user fingerprint is added, and the target site is accessed 
  6. Your desired dataset is retrieved and delivered to you in your desired format

This whole process can happen in a matter of seconds, depending on the size of your requested dataset and challenges that the site that your target site presents. 

This is a tool uniquely designed to help you collect data from any search engine, and for any keyword. Search is increasingly becoming part of a business’s marketing and development strategy as it indicates where user interest currently is. This solution helps you tap into real-time search trends, competitor keyword targeting as well as organic content results that can inform your company’s activities. 

The two things that stand out most about this product is its response time speed (under 3 seconds), as well as the fact that you will only pay for successful requests! 

Top product features 

  • Gaining access to real user devices based in your target geolocation in order to obtain the most accurate search trends for any localized target audience
  • Receiving streamlined, high performance results no matter what volume requests are sent at 
  • Being able to send out one request that retrieves accurate data from all search engines 
  • You are not limited to text. You can collect datasets in the form of images, video, items for sale, maps, available hotel rooms etc 

How it works

You can start using Search Engine Crawler in 3 easy steps:

  1. Define your target datasets
  2. Send a request with your custom parameters (e.g. UULE, country, and/or city parameters)
  3. Get data in either JSON or HTML format so that you can integrate it into your systems, and derive insights as soon as possible

The bottom line 

Bright Data has a number of solutions that can be tailored to your business’s unique challenges and needs. Simply choose one of the above products and start gaining access to datasets that will help you make better-informed business decisions, or visit our home website for more options.

Aviv Besinksky
Aviv Besinsky | Product Manager

Aviv is a lead product manager at Bright Data. He has been a driving force in taking data collection technology to the next level - developing technological solutions in the realms of data unblocking, static proxy networks, and more. Sharing his data crawling know-how is one of his many passions.

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