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data collection for the world of fintech
Anna Davidov
Anna Davidov | Senior Business Manager

Fintech covers many bases, and Bright Data has all the solutions.

Bright Data is the largest and most advanced online data extraction network providing the ability to manage, maintain, and execute geographically specific financial transactions.

Bright Data’s technology can serve as infrastructure or an application to support and comply with all the needs and requirements for customers in the financial space who fetch publicly available data.

Working with virtual currencies, dropshipping and affiliates offering 3rd party services to submit forms or make purchases, need a reliable service, and Bright Data has the answer.

A proxy service is a software, server or group of servers that acts as a gateway to a network of Data center, Residential and/or Mobile proxies.

Bright Data’s ISP (Static residential) IPs are exclusive residential IPs, wholly owned and operated by the customer who purchases them. Created with the needs of Fintech customers in mind, these are the perfect solution for activities that require a continuous session.

A residential proxy is assigned from an Internet Service Provider to a user.

When gathering data, switch to our Rotating Residential Network to seamlessly extract the data required never being blocked or misled.

Working in the mobile space? Use Mobile IPs consisting of 3G/4G connections to aggregate the data required.

With 4 network types and multiple IP types, we provide the ability to view a transparent web. Trusted by Fortune 500 and blue-chip corporations, Bright Data provides the ability to gather the most accurate data effectively and efficiently.

Utilize Bright Data networks to collect comparative pricing data, competitive intelligence, and online financial information. Stop getting blocked or misled when navigating the web by viewing online assets in your target geolocations.

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Anna Davidov
Anna Davidov | Senior Business Manager

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