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Security customers

Learn how leaders in the security industry are using Bright Data to protect their customers and fight fraud

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Top-10 endpoint security vendors

Rely on Bright Data’s peer network to detonate security risks within a secure sandbox. This allows them to provide a safer environment for their customers

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Security departments of leading US banks

Research threat actors, inspect phishing links, and analyze malware in a safe environment (sandbox). Scan the web to identify phishing sites that aim to obtain usernames, passwords, and credit card info.

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Non-profits fighting malware & botnets

Tracks bad actors’ sites using Bright Data’s data collection platform, overcoming the bad actors’ disguise methods, and identifying and differentiating bad sites from good ones. Learn more.

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Leading privacy service companies

Collect data from 150 websites for their customers, to ensure personal data is not stored & to protect customers from privacy breaches and data leaks.

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Cybersecurity firms

Focus on preventing social engineering attacks with enterprise accounts. Analyze data aggregators & brokers sites to find out what public information is present for them on the web, using US-based Residential IPs.

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Email & web security services

Collect data on phishing websites by checking suspicious URLs using proxies before their customers reach them.

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Threat intelligence & mitigation services

Collect data from various sources (hacker forums, blogs, social, app forums, etc.) regarding potential threats. This dataset is the foundation of intelligence insights, which are then shared with customers.

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Brand protection companies

Leverage Bright Data to detect fraud, leaks, and any other counterfeiting of brand. Provide seamless service to clients in multiple geographic locations.

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Leading global financial services corporations

Rely on Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE to analyze e-commerce transactions and merchant info, as well as to fight fraud.

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