Protecting the World Wide Web

At Bright Data, our commitment is to safeguard the World Wide Web through dedicated solutions that foster transparency in web data collection. By adhering to industry-leading practices, we not only protect the integrity of the web but also empower responsible data handling, creating a secure and trustworthy online ecosystem. Explore the full extent of our efforts in the detailed links below.

Know Your Customer

Our 'Know Your Customer' process ensures a safe, ethical network with real-time user validation.

Preventing Abuse

Our zero-tolerance policy for non-compliant traffic and unauthorized activities

Security Vulnerabilities Reward Program

Ensuring top-tier security through collaborative reporting.

Ensuring Transparency

Committed to ethical web safeguarding, we ensure transparent data collection

Cooperating with Security Companies

Supporting security companies in fraud prevention and threat intelligence gathering.

Web Monitoring

Balancing public data access and ethics

Usage monitoring and filtering

Optimizing Proxy Use: Classify, Monitor, and Ensure Compliance