Cloudflare Error 1015 - How to Avoid?

Error 1015 example

Cloudflare Error 1015 occurs when your requests exceed the frequency allowed by a website’s rate limit, set to prevent overwhelming the site. Now, let’s discuss the available solutions.

Reduce Request Frequency

If you encounter this error, one strategy is to reduce the frequency of your requests to stay below the rate limit. This method requires careful calibration to balance data collection needs while respecting the site’s rules. Introducing delays between requests or spreading them over a longer period can help mitigate the risk of triggering this error.

Use Rotating Proxies

For a more robust solution, consider using Bright Data’s rotating proxies. Our service distributes your requests across a vast network of IPs, diluting the request load attributed to any single IP address. This approach not only helps bypass rate limits but also adds an extra layer of anonymity to your web scraping activities, enhancing both compliance and efficiency.

Rotate Headers

Rotating headers can be beneficial as well. By changing the headers sent with each request, you can make your scraping activity appear more like legitimate user traffic, reducing the likelihood of detection and blocking by Cloudflare. Check out this article that’ll teach you about HTTP headers for web scraping.

Use a Web Scraping API

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, consider using a web scraping API. These APIs manage IP rotation, header rotation, and other complexities for you, ensuring your web scraping activities remain uninterrupted.

With Bright Data, you gain the flexibility to maintain your data collection pace without tripping Cloudflare’s defenses. Start your free trial today to experience the benefits of our rotating proxies and other advanced features.

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